This first chapter is a description of characters, that is all.

Jeff-A boy in grade five, who is the main character. He has short brown hair and blue eyes. He likes a girl named Sandra who is in his class. He is in a grade five and six split class. He is funny sometimes and sometimes he's just plain stupid. He also likes drawing cartoons and reading manga and watching anime.

Connor-Jeff's best friend. He's in the same class as Jeff. He has short dark brown hair and he has brown eyes. He is taller than Jeff and he is funny sometimes. He likes to sew funny toys and he is really good at it. He goes crazy a lot, and I mean a lot!

Sandra-Sandra has sort of a micture of blond and brown hair and she has blue eyes. Jeff thinks she is pretty. I don't think Sandra has a crush on Jeff.

Frank-Frank is Jeff's 14-year-old (soon to be 15) brother. They get along, but they get into fights a lot! He plays guitar and he loves heavy metal. He has medium brown hair and blue eyes.

Michelle-Another one of Jeff's good friends. She's a nice girl who likes to read a lot. She has red hair and green eyes. Jeff sort of likes her.

Joe-Joe is one of Jeff's friends. He is a very funny dude. But his funniness gets annoying sometimes. He is kind of weird too. His best friend's name is Joe. He has short brown hair and brown eyes.

George-George is a very active person, who is very good at sports. He is kind of funny and kind of stupid. He is sort of Jeff's friend, but he's a more friend with Joe. He has kind of long brown hair and blue eyes.

John-John lives on the same street as Jeff. They are friends, but they get into fights sometimes. They don't go to the same school so they only see each other sometimes. John has dark brown hair and brown eyes.

Kyle-Kyle is friends with Jeff, but they get into fights a lot. They used to be best friends, but now they only see each other at school. He has medium brown hair and brown.

Sam-Sam is someone who isn't really Jeff's friend because he makes fun of him a lot. He has blond hair and brown eyes. They used to be good friend, but let's just say they aren't really anymore.

Tony-He is a mean person who is basically Jeff's enemy. You'll probably hear the word spazz a lot from him, Joe and George. I think that means getting really mad. He has really short blonde hair and blue eyes.

Nick-Nick is a friend of Jeff's, who Nick only see's at swimming lesson's because they go to different schools and they don't live around the same area. Nick has brown hair with blond streaks in them and he has brown eyes.

In know this isn't all the characters, but you'll learn more about the rest later on! Hope you'll like the story!