Jeff woke up, got out of bed and went downstairs. He got on the computer and started to play games. It was the weekend so he didn't have to go to school. His brother Frank woke up and came downstairs. He sat at the table next to the computer and started to read the newspaper or just TV and videogame ads.

"Look at how small the new Playstation 2 is!" Frank said.

"Hmm..They're charging more just because it's small?" Jeff asked.

"No, it's supposed to work better!"

Jeff got off the computer after a while. He went into the TV room. He turned it on and started to watch a weird movie. He didn't know what it was though because it was the middle of the movie. So he finished that movie. He went into his brother's room where his brother was there playing videogames while listening to Black Sabbath.

"Jeff! You have to go to swimming lessons now!" his mother called.

His mom's name is Louise.

"Okay mom!" Jeff called back.

Nick wasn't in Jeff's swimming lessons anymore. Jeff was the only boy in his class.. It wasn't so bad, but there were these two really annoying girls, Britney and Nicole. Britney is so loud. One time she screamed so loud that his mom heard her and thought someone was dying. He got into the pool. First they had to do 6 laps of endurance swim because they were in level 8. He did that. Then they had to breaststroke. He did that. Then they got to go on the slide. While they were waiting for the instructor to let them go down the slide. The two annoying girls were in front of Jeff talking about The Ring. They were saying it was funny. They went down the slide. Then they got to go off the diving board. They were having a competition. See who could make the biggest splash and see who could make the smallest. Jeff won them both. Jeff went home and he got to have a Fruit Roll-Up and some ice cream.

"Thanks Mom!" he said.

"Oh your welcome!" she said.

She gave him a hug. Jeff went to watch TV. After a while Frank came in the room.

"Mom told us to go sliding at the snow hill." He said. "Come on!"

"Just a sec!" Jeff replied.

He went with him after about five minutes. Jeff started to annoy Frank. Frank punched him in the arm.

"FRANK STOP IT!" he screamed. "That hurts!"

"Yeah right! I hardly tapped you!"

"You two stop it!" their mom screamed.

"Okay.." they said at the same time.

They went outside. They got to the hill. Frank's sled was dirty so he knocked Jeff over and took his. Frank slid down the hill.

"Hey! You get back here!" Jeff screamed as he slid down the hill.

They slid down a couple times and went home. They got in the door.

"You two were quick!" their mother said.

"That's 'cause Frank didn't wanna stay!" Jeff said.

"Well you were being an idiot!" Frank yelled.

Jeff went on the computer. Jeff forgot that they got into a fight. Frank walked by.

"Hey Frank! Come here!" Jeff called.


Jeff remembered now. He didn't care. Jeff was talking on MSN with a girl he hates, Christy. He was also playing games too. Another girl went online. Her name is Lauren. She likes rock music the same as Jeff and Frank do. She is nice. After a while Jeff got off the computer.

"Jeff, do you want to go skating?" Louise (his mom) asked.

"Okay!" he replied.

They went to the rink and started to skate. They had fun and then they went home and had spaghetti. After that they went to the mall and got Cinnamon Buns! They went to the video store and Jeff and Frank rented the movie, So I married an Axe Murderer. They also rented the game Freekstyle! Jeff and Frank got over their fight. Frank was sleeping in Jeff's room tonight because their uncle was over and he had to sleep in Frank's room. So they watched the movie and played their game, then they went to sleep.