Even after Victoria got home, she still had the feeling that something was terribly wrong. She began to think that maybe it was her mom. Worry set in. Maybe I should call her. She picked up the phone and dialed her mom's cell number. It rang once. Twice. Thrice. Four times. Victoria got nervous. Finally she heard a click and her mom's voice saying, "Hello, HannaSpring speaking."

"Mom, it's me," If her mom were here right now, she'd hug her. "What took you so long?"

"Oh, my phone was all the way down in the bottom of my purse and I couldn't find it."

Pack rat. She thought playfully. "I'm not bothering you am I? I mean, you weren't going to bed were you?"

"Honey, you're my daughter, you can call me anytime you want to, but no, I wasn't going to bed. You caught me stepping onto the elevator actually. I sure am glad the company is paying for this; I could never afford it! It's so ... five star, you know? I have a Jacuzzi in my room and I can see the TV from it, so I can sit and relax in the hot tub and watch TV! How neat is that?"

Victoria felt a sudden pang of anger at her mother for being there and leaving her here all alone. Pushing that feeling aside, she answered, "Yeah, neat."

"Victoria, honey, you sound nervous. Is there anything you want to tell me?"

Victoria knew better than to tell her mother about the foreboding feelings she had, and she certainly knew better than to tell her about the weird boy with the solid black eyes that she had given a ride to. She would be ridiculed for her feelings and then grounded for giving a ride to a stranger when her mother came back.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I just wanted to call and see if you were okay."

"Are you sure? I can call and book you a flight out here if you'd like."

Oh, you don't know how much. She was so tempted to say yes, but then she remembered the last time she had come with her mother on a business trip. She had refused to be "babysat" and her mother had not let her stay at home alone, so she finally broke down and let her come along. It was horrible. Her mother would go to meetings while Victoria stayed alone in the hotel all day. Her mother gave her money so she could go sight-seeing in the city, but Victoria was too scared that she'd get lost or mugged to leave. So she stayed in the hotel all day for a week. Something she vowed she would never do again.

"no, I just wanted to call and talk to you, really, I'm fine." She twirled a lock of hair absentmindedly.

"Oh, shoot." said her mom. "I've got another call coming in. It's Randy from the office. I'll talk to you soon, honey. I love you, bye."

"I love you too, mom,"

After they hung up, Victoria looked at the clock. 10:00 PM. She decided to go for a walk.

She stepped out of the house for the second time that night, hoping to get some fresh air and leave her foreboding thoughts at home. She noticed something else that kept going through her mind. A pair of solid black eyes that kept staring at her. Boring into her as if looking into her very soul and deciding her fate. he pushed these thoughts aside as she pulled her jacket tighter around her, walking down the sidewalk. It really freaked her out how that kid scared her even though he was only in her life a little over five minutes. She felt that maybe he wasn't just someone who was going to pass through her life and then move on. She stepped off of the sidewalk to cross the street to get to a cafe when she heard a loud honking noise. Quickly she looked up but wasn't quick enough to move as the large semi came barreling toward her.

Just like that, Victoria was killed.

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