Based on character(s) from my 3-book series.

Sasha's eyes I see inside

before all harsh fluorescent light

has faded out into the dark.

I hear footsteps disappear, the shark

who left me in this hall. I trust

the eyes I see shining are just

a figment of my wasted mind;

there is no friend to look on kind

as the warmth and wetness fills

the ground, my shirt. All sound stills

and I have time to see Natasha's face,

the warm hearthstones of our ancient place,

the laughing grin of all old friends,

who never thought I would end

like this. I never thought it either, though;

I thought I'd lie in warming snow,

or bare my throat to open jaws

of wolf, another death for our cause.

I never thought I'd feel this slow,

creeping waste, never thought I'd go