At the risk of being and sounding cliché

I know God exists because birds don't need to fly

Reason loses the final match as something unheard of settles in

An cliché in the making no one knows whether Johnny Ramone or Richard Nixon will be the legend of the eventually yesteryear

Practicality never stood as a figurehead of love or peace

But it makes a nice obstacle that wishes for itself to be moved

Birds have no reason to fly

Blame someone

Why do you speak in a whisper while acting out the scenes of your most famous speeches

Or a poem which someday a highschool student will read and it will move someone to change

Why do you dance as if you need to to survive because composing feel so good

The poets ask a muse and if that doesn't exist nothing would

Why is a moment of reflection necessary when a guitar begins a riff that makes you feel good , good

Flying is something above

Sweet like lemonade and finding the haven of like minds

Our touches with eternity come every so often but enough to make one believe.