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The Sha'ni

The Sha'ni are a race different from the humans. Although they may look like a human, they are different because they come from a different planet and dimension.

Long ago, they came from the dimension called Fonas. The dimension grew unhospitable and the the Goddess Danika and the God Hilel told their people to seek another dimension. They found Earth. The Sha'ni went into Earth following the Gods' orders and mingled with the humans. They were alike in appearance and height so it was easy to settle there and became like one of them.

From time to time, the Sha'ni would receive instructions from the God and Goddess, assuring the people that their Gods' had not forsaken them.

Every child born of the Sha'ni were taught of who they really were and where they originally came from, in secret in their homes.

The Sha'ni have powers akin to what the humans would call magic or parapsychic powers. They can do alsmost anything imaginable with their powers, yet it can only be achieved from their mind and heart.

When every Sha'ni finds their soul mate, they cannot linger far from them or risk dying. A soul mate is for life. One will seem dead if the other denies of their connection. One can also die if one's mate dies. It is rare that one will live if one's soul mate dies.

Rare but not unheard of.

This is the tale of their Protector, of his life and of how he had the privilege to have two soul mates instead of one.

It is also the time when the humans encountered the race called the Sha'ni.

A time of chaos for both races as they discover how to live with each other when the secrets of their race has been revealed for the world to see.

Okay, I was trying to sound a bit mysterious. Don't know if I'm succeeding or not…