Something Unexpected

by Jason

Sometime in December

While shopping at the local mall

A new mother, as she tends to her new baby

Gets a sudden, unexpected call.

5The phone breaks apart as it hits the floor,

startling her as she realizes she dropped it.

People stare all around her as she tries to hold herself up,

grabbing her baby's stroller for support.

"Ma'am," the store clerk interrupts her racing thoughts,

10"Are you alright?" he asks. She turns and leaves

the people watching wondering what happened.

Home alone, now she sits on the edge of her bed

That was once warmed by her husband, now dead

Two cars, colliding, took him away from her

15Along with three others, and no one knows what to say to her

The newborn baby cries, but she ignores it, unable to move

She knows what will end the pain

An important decision needs to be made

She cuts the straw in half - and breathes

20She cuts the powder into thirds - breathes

She pulls back the pretty blonde hair that once

flowed past her beautiful smile - and breathes

"Why has it come to this?" she thinks,

her life planned out, now only a dream

25And digressed to buying happiness from a bum on the street

Of course, he knows happiness, that she believes.

Now, with the straw to her nose, she breathes again

Through her nose this time - and it stings

But she does it again

30And again

She feels like giving up (the baby cries again)

The cement fifty feet below looks so close - but like heaven

So unattainable, but like heaven, the ground below is so far away

But it only takes a second for her lifeless body to reach it.