She is a mesmerizing wonder of white and gold

Fashioned with the Craftsman's gentle hands

Her unique majesty tests the temperamental tides

As a speck in an endless sea of fleeting beacons of light.

Vulnerable to Lover Fate's fickle caresses and capricious woos

Her ephemeral glow sways to the beat of a solitary dance

Such tantalizing light satiating her innate desires

Her delight making her melt and weep in sweet ecstasy.

She makes a leap of faith against all odds

Her steadfastness lighting the darkest corners of her soul

She vows to shine in zestful radiance for all to see

Cherishing meaningful existence over precious longevity.

Her pearly tears reach the bowels of Hells

Her whispered prayers kiss Heaven's gates

Never knowing if her next teardrop would seal her oblivion

Or if the next harsh wind would snuff out her zeal.

When the twilight of her being finally arrives

Her eyes flicker between parting breaths

With her last heartfelt teardrop shed

Comes contentment and peace.

She whispers her thanks to the Craftsman

For a lifetime lived and loved with no qualms

And as Lover Fate embraces her waning warmth

She blows him a kiss, lets out a misty sigh, and is no more...