There's not a lot of punctuation here, but what is here is important. Just to tell you.

you, across the table
quiet and sober: "I need you"
spoken with a measured wonder
and a carefully averted gaze.

you pretend to be so serious
and so morbid
and so interested
and so—
no, you're not.

and if I were to say tonight that its
not need, its want that keeps me going
would you keep drinking that
god damn over priced wine
or would you stop and think
yes, or maybe "no"
and put an end to this.
to all of this.

but Jesus if you aren't too simple
for such complex instances as this
which is, I suppose, a part of why
I really do need you
want you
must have you—

you, so sort of
so kind of perfect—

…you're going to want more of that wine
later on tonight.

So which one do you like better? Tell me what you think about the punctuation.