To love you is what god sent me to do!


Love is something that Aphrodite and Cupid gave us to fulfill our lives with love and happiness that we need to survive. At times all say they are in love with another, even if the person doesn't love them back they try and try to get noticed by this person.

But the real love it true love!

The love that only truly comes once in a live time, your true love is your soul-mate. The person that your heart and soul have searched for, for so long that you don't even know it till it slaps you in the face. This is what my story is about, a young man not knowing what to do in his life. He thought it was worthless and that there was never really anything in the world for him.

But one day that all changed, the love goddess decided to bless him and he met the person that ever captured his heart. But this isn't an easy love. No it's far from that. Another man has fallen in love with this girl and will to anything to get her!

But that's enough of my side of the story it's time to read on and enter this mans life and see how hard it really it to get true love in the world of crude mortals.