you smile and promise you'll hear what i say

then you turn your face
you fly to the stars

you tell me what
i didn't have time to see there

please pull me from my dreams
or i will have to do it myself

i would let you tie me down
and i would let you hold me back

i would let you be more than human
You could be happy

i hear them say rules are made to be broken
but i wouldn't break anything that has reasonable cause
there's no reason to your love
there's no cause that could justify my returning it

so this might hurt you but lately i can't see you
lately i say your name only
in my rehearsed monologues
in my sappy love songs
that i recite
that i play
on repeat
when they ask how i'm doing

poor me! i think
believing in a love that doesn't exist!

poor you! you think
you're a falling world, you think
you're a cliché, you think, but a beautiful one
you need saving, you think
You, ultrahuman, don't think

all i asked was within reason and for a cause
you just smile, you just promise
you just tell me what i've missed
SO! this might hurt you but
i'm done with missing everything and you