Chapter One

Shaina had lived in foster homes since her parents had died when she was three. She kept being moved from one home to another. She always got along ok with all her families, until the home she got put in when she was eleven. After that experience she never trusted any of her other families.

Shaina looked at her new family. It included two parents and a son, just like her last family. She prayed to God that what happened last time wouldn't happen here too. The boy's name was Josh and he was sixteen, a year older than her. The parents seemed nice. Of course they seemed nice last time too. She didn't know about Josh, because he hadn't said anything yet. She hoped he wasn't like Greg. His parents didn't seem to spoil him and praise him for every little thing he did, like Greg's parents had. She also noticed that he was extremely handsome. If nothing had happened in her last foster home, she'd have a crush on this gorgeous guy.

She listened silently as they talked to her, telling her where her room was, and what the rules of the house were. They told her that they were excited to have her in their household. She didn't believe them for a second. They were always lying. The only reason why they were in the foster care system in the first place was for the money. It was always for the money. It was never for love or to help a homeless kid out. No, the only reason they took her in was for extra spending money. She sometimes wished there was no money in the world. That way she could find out if some people truly had hearts, or if all people in this miserable world just had black holes where their hears should be. It really didn't matter who she was living with for the time being. Because they wouldn't keep her very long when they found out how boring she was. Then she'd be living with another heartless family who just wanted money.

She looked at her new family again. Yes, they wouldn't last very long. Pretty soon she'd be back with her social worker looking for another suitable family to live with.