A/N; This story, is just for someone in particular. I was thinking of not doing a songfic, and this isn't really one, the lyrics just matched up and (I thought anyway) it clicked. If you don't like it, sorry. If I ruined the song; somehow, sorry. But this one is for that someone, who I hope is reading this.

It's a one-off. And I just wanted to get the words off my chest and into a story. Enjoy.


"If you could be my punk rock princess. I could be your garage band king."

She hesitated holding the piece of paper in her hands. Would she make the leap? Or would she chicken out – like she usually did? This was totally unlike her. It's not like he would know who she was, right? But he had a girlfriend. Would he even care?

She contemplated all of the things that could happen.

"Well, it's not like you're going with anyone else right?" She heard a voice coming from the hall. It was now or never. She slipped the red note into his diary. He'd definitely see it there. And then, she ran.

Lessons passed and all she could think of was the note. Did he see it? Had he read it? Was he curious? Would he be there?

She walked to lessons in a daze. Lunch came and she walked to her classroom, she stepped inside with a smile.

"Hey, guess what." It was Him.

"Hi you, what?" Her heart rate started beating faster and she could feel her face starting to redden.

"I got a girlfriend." He said, proudly.

"I know."

"What? How did you know?" He asked, confused.

"You told me."

"Oh really? Well, ha ha, she likes me and I like her. And she's hot." He boasted.

"Yay for you." She said with a bright smile. She looked at his unreadable face, had he found the note?

She had never noticed him until recently. She had always seen him around but it seemed like one day he decided to start talking to her. She was surprised with his personality, how he paid so much attention to her. It seemed like he had a liking for her as well. But she noticed that he also gave many other girls the attention she thought was only just for her.

Knowing it was too good to be true, she decided with a broken heart, to only admire from afar.

And now he had a girlfriend.

"Well, see you tonight yeah? We're playing." He said half-smiling and left the room, waving to another one of those popular girls.

As she waited for her friends to come. She took out the pink piece of cardboard in her pocket.

"Are you pumped for tonight?" Her friend came up behind her.

"I dunno."

Because so much could happen. Anything could happen.

Last lesson breezed past and before she knew it, she was on the bus back to school.

For the Valentines Dance.

She had spent an hour, no a few hours considering every piece of clothing she had. And deciding on the first thing she picked out. T-shirt and jeans. Well, no one really cared right?

Inside, there were a whole bunch of people dancing to some techno music and a group hanging at the side of the hall. No sign of him.

"Don't worry, he's not here yet." Her friend said behind her – again. Half scaring her to death. She was the only one that knew, because, it was just a crush. Nothing could happen. Not everyone needed to know.

The whole dance was pretty cool, bands came and left and so did a lot of people. The dance was coming to an end until suddenly, the crowd starting cheering.

"Hey everyone. Happy Valentines day." He smiled and strummed his guitar. Girls had started forming around the stage.

She checked her watch. 9:30 PM – time to go home. Disappointed that she would miss him performing, but not one to break curfews with her parents, she sighed and turned around to leave.

"Maybe when the room is empty. Maybe when this bottle's full. Maybe when the door gets broke down, love can break in." He sang.

She turned around, surprised.

"You can always stay for a little longer." Her friend appearing again said.

Smiling, she nodded. She watched him, while he took out a piece of red paper from his pocket.

She gaped and smiled at him smiling back at her, as his girlfriend jumped on stage and kissed him. She didn't know. She'd never know.

"Enough." She said. And turned away as the song ended.

- That night -

She sat and though about what had just happened. Contemplating what she had done the night before..

Not knowing what to write, the song suddenly started playing on her mp3. And she wrote:

"If I could be your punk rock princess, would you be my garage band king?

Be my Valentine?"

Right now after I've completed this story a week before Valentines Day –

"Thanks for being my inspiration." Was my note to (the real) Him. Because he was my inspiration for this story.

But I couldn't. I didn't give him the note in the end. I had wanted him to be my Valentines, and he had really been my inspiration. But there was no point.

So this story sits here online. Waiting to be read – eventually when I have the guts to tell – by him.

Disclaimer: I do not own the song or the lyrics of; "Punk Rock Princess".