hey! this is the sequel to the poem the poem was more of a prolude. so everything will be explained as the story moves forward.

"Go get me that bottle of cherry mix, will you Luke?"

Lukas Shouk rolled his eyes at his boss as he threw the nearly full bottle of milkshake mix at the manager at the little Fifties-themed restaurant. The little soda fountain was packed. He hadn't been paying attention; because he had been thinking about the strange dream he'd had every night that week. Always the same a girl's voice pleading not to be left alone and he couldn't get it out of his head. He checked his watch and glared at the manager. It was pass time to go and he was ready to leave.

"You trying to bum extra time off me boss? I am officially off!"

Luke yelled as he pointed to his watch.

"C'mon Luke! We are booked solid!"

Luke rolled his eyes again he had heard this line before. He sighed as he threw his apron on the hook. He ignored the yells of his manager as he walked out into the neon lighted city of Las Vegas. He had lived here his whole life and he's seen the stars go up and down. He's seen the bums living for the casinos and he's seen the people come with stars in their eyes to make it big and he's also seen those same faces leave dejected. Most people would think him older than he was but he was only seventeen. Eighteen and nothing could surprise him anymore, he's seen it all. Or so he thought…

"AHHHH! Help! Somebody help!"

There was a girl screaming and a crowd was forming.

"Someone call the police!"

"Is she dead?"

Luke sighed and tried to walk around the crowd, but he felt his curiosity get the better of him. He pushed his way to the front and stared down at the body of a girl. If he didn't know better he would have thought she was just a performer that had passed out from to many drugs. Her costume made her look like one. It was a long lavender dress with an old fashion corset around her middle and long sleeves covered her slender arms. Her hair was also a strange color a deep purple. Nothing unusual for Vegas, but it was the pendent around her neck that caught his eye. He could tell no one around here had ever made that. Suddenly the girl opened her eyes and stared straight at him.

"Look she's waking up!"

"Thank god"

A paramedic kneels down beside her

"Miss, are you okay?"

She kept her eyes locked with Luke's. Her bright purple eyes seemed to be burning into his as they filled with tears. Luke felt a shock go through him. Where have I seen those eyes before? No don't get involved. He heard the reasonable part of him say as he tried to push his way away from her, but she grabbed his hand.

"Please… don't leave me."

The paramedic looked at him.

"Son, what is she saying, do you know her?"

Luke looked at the paramedic as it dawned on him.

"You can't understand her?"

"Sounds like gibberish to me? Answer the question, do you know her?"

Luke looked down at the girl again. Her grip tightened on his hand as though she could read his thoughts, his thoughts about telling the truth and leaving. Luke looked back and the paramedic and for the first time in his life ignored the reasonable part of his brain for the first time in his life.

"Yeah…um…She's my sister"

The paramedic stared at him

"Okay, but keep a better eye on her from now on"

"Yes sir!"

Luke felt a fake smile stretch his face as he helped the girl up and pushed through the quickly dispersing crowd his head screaming what are you thinking? She isn't your sister! You don't even have a sister!

"Thank you"

Luke looked at the girl

"Um…you're welcome."

What are you doing! WHAT ARE YOU DOING! Luke heard the sensible part of his mind saying again. He realized it was right. He didn't know what to do with this girl. She's probably part of a scam he decided If I take her home I'll wake up with my wallet and my identity gone. Just give her some money for a bus ticket to wherever she wants to go. Yeah that's it. He stopped suddenly making the girl run into his back and turned around. He pulled out his wallet and pulled out fifty dollars wincing as a good part of his paycheck went to some girl. She watched curiously as he put the money in her hand.

"Here. I don't know who you are but here go but a bus ticket and go home"
She looked even more confused

"Yes, bus, go home."
Her purple eyes filled with tears
"But we're the only ones left! I have no home!"
Luke stared at her and then he turned to leave
"You must have me confused with someonelse"

As Luke turned he felt her arms wrap tightly around his waist. He could feel the tears from her eyes wetting the back of his shirt. He felt awful. He didn't know why he felt so attached to this girl, but he knew he did. Luke turned around as she let go and clung to him again sobbing into his shirt.

"It's okay. I won't leave you."
He sighed as her sobs slowly ceased and she looked up at him
"You remember me?"
"No, I'm afraid I don't-"
her face was downcast again

"But its okay you can stay with me."

He felt his conscious lift as she smiled at him and put her hand in his. He walked toward his apartment as she began to ask nonstop questions. Luke answered them as best he could but they were strange questions like

"What is that yellow thing?"

"You mean the neon light?"

"Neon light?"

By the time he made it to the apartment he was exhausted. Her nonstop questions suddenly made Luke remember his question.

"What's your name?"
"Yes, your name"

Her eyes seemed to go blank as she repeated the word again
"I don't remember…"
"Well I guess you need a name, don't you?"

Her eyes lighted up as she smiled and nodded happily. Luke wracked his brain as he unlocked the apartment door and led her into the neat apartment. He was a neat freak.

She shook her head
"How about, um, Lavender?"

She smiled and hugged him

"I like that name!"

Luke didn't know why but when she smiled it made him grin too. He laughed as he walked to the closet with her following. He pulled out blankets and sheets for the pullout bed she was going to sleep on. Lavender watched curiously as he pulled the seat cushions off the couch and made it into a bed. Luke walked to the bedroom and pulled a pillow off his bed and threw it onto the pullout.

"Here you go, you can sleep here."

She looked at it and sat on the pullout and smiled.

"It's very comfortable"

Luke felt awkward as she smiled at him from under the covers. He walked back into his room and grabbed some pajamas and threw them onto the bed.

"You can sleep in these if you want, good night"
Lavender smiled again

He walked into his room and threw himself onto the bed and stared at the ceiling. It's been a strange day. He thought as he drifted off into sleep.