"Eh?! Stalker guy called you!"

Frankie nearly dropped the order she had just picked up when Luke told her about the phone call. Lavender had decided she would work there too but after she had dropped five milkshakes (two on the customers that ordered them) they had put her in a booth and told her that she was a being a big help by wrapping silverware in napkins. Frankie looked over at her and glared at Luke.

"Why didn't you call me?"

"I don't know I thought I'd just tell you later."

Frankie glared at him exasperatedly.

"Something this important!"

She was about to start again but a customer yelled loudly.

"Waitress I got two spoons and a knife in my napkin!"

Luke sniggered as he finished wiping the table as Frankie skated over to apologize to the confused customer. He paused as he picked up the tray of dirty dishes and saw a guy get up from his booth and walk over to where Lavender was sitting. He slid into the seat across from her and smiled. Lavender smiled back and offered a slightly wrinkled napkin filled with odds and ends silverware. Luke felt prickles of anger as the guy grabbed her hand and started stroking it with his thumb. Luke felt his anger deepen to rage as he saw Lavender's eyes widen with surprise then fear. Before Luke knew what he was doing he had walked over and had lifted the guy from the booth and had him pressed against the wall.

"Whoa! Man what's your problem?!"

"Stay away from her."

Luke was surprised he wasn't yelling

"What are you talking about?! We were just talking!"

Suddenly a memory flashed before Luke in his mind's eye. This had happen before, but not here not in Vegas not in this world. A garden flashed suddenly a man with green eyes glared into his eyes not the guy that had been in the booth.
"Stay away from her"

"You can't hide from fate!"

Suddenly as soon as the moment had come it was gone and Luke was once again staring into the frightened eyes of the guy from the diner.

"Okay man whatever you want I'll leave."

Suddenly Frankie was at his elbow.

"Luke! What are you doing?! Let him down!"

Luke let go of the guy and watched as he ran out of the diner.

"What's wrong with you Luke?"

Frankie was looking at him as Luke realized what he had done. He looked at Lavender and he eyes were misty and he couldn't read her face. And he realized his hands were shaking.

"I don't know"

Luke felt like he had just run a marathon and sank feebly into a chair. Frankie looked at him and ignored the customer calling her name. She shook her head and skated over to the angry customer as Luke rested his head on the cool back of the metal chair. His heart was racing.

"I really don't know."

Later that night, after Lavender had gone to bed, Luke lay tossing and turning. He kept thinking about that strange memory that had come to him. He couldn't remember ever meeting someone with eyes like that. Then his mind wandered over to the phone call, who was that guy? What did he mean he knew that Lavender wasn't his sister? Anyone with eyes knew that Luke thought. Her amethyst eyes and hair gave that away they looked nothing alike. Luke rolled over to his left side and watched the blinking neon lights of Las Vegas shine through his cracked blinds as he slowly felt his eyelids get heavier and he slowly drifted into sleep. Suddenly the phone rang. Luke groaned and picked it up.


"Thank god you're there."


"I'm coming over."

"What it's like three in the morning!?"

"Would I come over to your nasty apartment in three in the morning if it wasn't important, dorkwad? Think about it doofus."

Luke was about to ask another question as he heard the click of Frankie hanging up the phone. He sat confused and groaned as he dropped the phone on its holder and opened the door of his room into the living room to wake Lavender up. Luke stared through the darkness as fumbled for the light switch as he yawned. Luke stopped shirt and had to blink before he took in what was right in front of him. Lavender was floating. No other way to explain it, in her eyes there was a glassed over look and she was chanting something as there seemed to be a light around her getting brighter as the chanting got faster. Something strange and musical that sounded so familiar. Luke could have sworn he had heard it before like in the lost memory of a dream… but something was coming back slowly but surely. A garden, bright with lanterns in the night, a party and a dagger and a tall man with green eyes glaring at him and Lavender with murder in his eyes and Luke ran to stop the man from-but then as soon as it had been there it was gone. Lavender's cool hand was pressed against his forehead.

"It is not time, Lukas."

It wasn't the high pitched voice Luke had come to associate with Lavender it was a smoother gentle voice the same voice he had heard that night when he had first met Lavender.

"Not time for what?"

The girl that looked like Lavender smiled sadly and touched one small finger to his lips as she shushed him. Suddenly a loud demanding knock was heard at the door and Luke looked over at the door, but when he had looked back the glow around lavender was fading and her eyes closed as she landed softly onto the bed spread.

"No wait, Lavender! Not time for what?!"

"Luke, open the door!"

Luke stared at Lavender who breathed deep breaths as one asleep as she opened her eyes with a sleepy and confused look the earlier misty one faded from her eyes.


"Yeah it's me! Open the door!"

Lavender smiled as she ran to the door, opened it., and hugged the older girl. Frankie looked annoyed as she walked in with a sleepover bag slung over her shoulder as Lavender asked.

"Why you here so late?"

"Why didn't Luke tell you I was coming?"

"I was going to, but-"


"Something strange happened."

Luke fixed coffee for him and Frankie as he explained what had just occurred and Lavender watched cartoons on TV. Frankie sat there silently as she sipped at the coffee and stared at Luke as he sat across from her.

"So…what happened to you?"

Frankie looked up startled.

"You know that guy that called you?"

"Yeah, he told me to not leave town and he'd find me in a week."

"Yeah, well I think he called me too and he was looking for me too but not to find me-"

Frankie took a deep breath before continuing.

"But to kill me."

Luke felt his jaw drop and then his eyes watered as the hot coffee burned his chin. He wiped his mouth quickly and looked at Lavender. She giggled sleepily at Tom and Jerry's antics on the glowing TV screen showing no signs of the earlier enlightening. Then he looked at Frankie again she stared at him, worried.

Later that night (as Luke wondered why he had to sleep on the pullout bed in the living room, with Lavender asleep with her head on his knees and Frankie asleep on his shoulder, sounds nice but very uncomfortable when you're tired) Luke looked at the twinkling neon lights of Vegas again he couldn't help but wonder, wonder about who was talking through Lavender or was that the real her and what wasn't he supposed to remember? He felt himself slowly drift into sleep thinking what have I gotten into?

okay sorry about the wait! (love ya Raye! lol) anyway sorry about the cliffhanger!