Luke felt very hot. He was sweating why did he have so many blankets on top of him? Why were the blankets so heavy? Luke felt his eyes snap open as he remembered. Frankie. Lavender. Pullout bed. He tried to sit up and push Lavender and Frankie off him but his attempts were futile. Lavender had her arms around his middle and Frankie had her head on his stomach and was curled up under his arm. Luke groaned. Neither one moved.

"Frankie, Lavender, Get up."

Frankie sat up straight, her eyes unfocused.

"Time for work?"

Luke shook his head as he sat up as much as Lavender would allow. Her arms around him suddenly got tighter. Frankie laughed as Lavender's tight viselike grip got tighter forcing air out of him in made Luke squeak.

"Help me!"

Frankie laughed harder as she tried to pull Lavender off.

"I can't she's holding on too tight."

"Do something!"

His last word came out as a squeak as suddenly Lavender stirred and opened her eyes. She smiled as she let go and Luke gasped for air. Frankie gasped for air as she kept laughing. Lavender looked confused as she yawned. Frankie kept laughing as tears fell from her eyes and Luke glared at her as he got up to fix breakfast.

"I'm sorry, Luke, it's just your face!"

"I'm sure."

"Don't be a baby, Luke. What's for breakfast?"

"I don't kno-"

He was cut off by a sharp knocking on the door. Luke felt his heart leap in his throat as he motioned for Frankie and Lavender to get into his bedroom. He crept as quietly as he could to the door as he prayed silently that his heart wouldn't give him away. The knocking continued, but got louder. He looked through the peephole and saw nothing. Whoever was out there was covering the hole.

"Come on out, we know you're in there"

Whoever it was knew he was there. Hopefully they didn't know about Frankie or Lavender.

"Come on out and we might leave your girlfriends alone."

Luke swore as he ran to the back bedroom as quietly as he could. He motioned them to go out the window onto the fire escape. Frankie slipped through and Lavender with misty eyes followed. Luke looked again at the door and held his breath as he squeezed through the window. He heard the door slam open as he shut the window from the outside on the fire escape.


Luke turned to see Frankie looking at him with wide scared eyes.


"We have a problem!"



Luke looked to where she was pointing. The stair way was rusty and the only way to go was up. Frankie started up the staircase Lavender following behind. Luke took one last look through the window at the five or six men tearing through his apartment and followed too. Luke's apartment building was over sixteen stories and he lived on the fifth. When they had reached the fourteenth they stopped for a rest. As they all sat breathing heavily.

"Luke, we have a problem."

"Another problem?"


Luke looked to where she was pointing. Below them, just a few floors, the men were following behind and were catching up. Frankie jumped up the fire escape stairs and Luke turned to Lavender to her to hurry, but she had fallen into another trance like the one before.


She didn't respond not even like she did last night. Luke looked back at the men then back at Lavender. He picked her up his arms under the bends of her knees and her back. Her head fell back as he pounded up the stairs. Finally he found Frankie as he came onto the roof.

"Oh no! What happened?"

"I don't know she just…"

"Let's get out of here!"

"Go where?"

Luke looked around. There was no where to go and Lavender just seem to be a lead weight that seemed to get heavier in each passing moment. He repositioned her on his back with his arms under her legs and her arms hanging limply on either side of his neck. Frankie ran to each side of the roof frantically and pulled on the door that lead to stairs. It was locked.

"Move over!"

Luke kicked the door hard as he could. The door seemed to give way a little. Frankie kicked along beside him and it swung open. Swung open to reveal the same man he had seen earlier.

"I told you not to run, young Lukas"

Hearing his voice made every possible doubt in Luke's mind disappear; Luke turned on his heel with Frankie to run but merely saw the other men dressed in suits that come with the man.

"Game over"

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