I'm pushing through

holding my breath

hoping I'll make it through

until I get peace

in the other reality

like I was here

next to you

Sunshine touches my skin

a little gold for my love

Love for anyone who cares

for spring

for green

for sun

only spring doesn't come yet

we still have a few more

gray weeks

living on gray street

no fire

or burning hell

no devil

to play poker with

(but which kind?

wink wink)


he lives during summer and fall

but my gray

is a heaven

for some.

Singing under the stars

That constilation's mine

no it's ours


Go back to


a bright magical moon

under that cloud.

Can you see it?

nope neither can I.

just a light shining through

golden sun

just gray

a mist

not faeries' breath

just smog

The smog

just drinking my life blood


depressing huh?