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Chapter 4: Nightmares of the Liberi Fatali song once again for Uzuki

Priest and priestess were running and screaming out of the shrine grounds. The shrine buildings were set on fire and the smell of smoke was waving into the night sky same with the smell of blood. Only one person smiled when they smelled the smell of blood. A young slam raven-haired girl turned and looked at the site of what she and her partner have done. She was wearing a gothic ninja outfit that looked like they were wrong in 1800's in Mayu's time. She smiled at her partner and watch as he stabbed a priest with his katana sword into the priest chest. She smiled and gripped tightly on both of her twin blades tightly.

She smiled when she saw blood coming down the priest chest and down her partner's katana.

"Ranzou you know the best thing about this job of ours?" She asked.

"The killing Rin." Said Ranzou, while pulling out his katana out of the priest chest.

Rin laughed and saw another priest running at her with a spear. She just grinned at him and pulled out both of her katanas out of their saya's.

"Yes and the taste of blood." Said Rin, while she did the priest swine his spear towered her stomach. Rin hit his weapon away from her and swan around and stabbed him in the throat.

She laughed when she saw blood coming out of his throat. She pulled out the blade fast as blood came out fast from his throat. Rin smiled more and notice blood on the blade.

Rin brought the blade up to her lips and licked the blood off with her tounge. She smiled and put back both her swords in there saya's.

"To me the taste of blood is more good when it's on my sword. But I guess that blood is good to me because I'm a vampire." Said Rin while giggling.

Ranzou just sighed and looked all around them. He notice all the dead body's all around him and Rin. He just sighed once more.

"Rin lets get out of here." Ordered Ranzou.

Rin looked at him funny like he was joking.

"Why?" Asked Rin.

"Just do as I say you know the shadow clan just told just is to destroy this shrine temple grounds and all the priest and priestess. And to fine the "One"." Said Ranzou.

"Man I was hoping for killing more when I kill I just can't stop." Giggled Rin, she looked over at Ranzou she knew he didn't really care.

"Lets just get out of here this place is just boring." Said Ranzou while walking out of the grounds of the shrine. Rin just smiled and looked at the damage she and Ranzou did.

"Humans are such weak beings." Said Rin, she turned and walked out of the place.

Mayu opened her eyes fast. She sat up from her bed and looked around. The first thing she had on her mind was "Where am I?"

She just lay back in her bed and closed her eyes.

"Why am I here? I still don't understand all this but I feel like. I been here before but I just can't remember." Said May, trying to get some sleep.

Chapter 4 ½ : Nightmares of the Liberi Fatali song once again for Uzuki

Authors words: I am very sorry about this all! I didn't mean to make this chapter confusing and you all are just laughing at me or say "Oh my god this chapter is a baka!" I know it's short but I just had another idea for this new story I want to make. It's for young adult and the story is called "Sotsugyou Shashin" Which means in Japanese is "Graduation Photo" I'm just going to write of what my friends and I were like in school in Miyagi. I hope you'll read it well ja ne and I'll write more of this story ja ne!