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Max was starting to believe it was impossible to step into his courtyard without checking to see if his hot young neighbour, who he now knew to be Simon, was fornicating in public view.

It was annoying beyond all reason; firstly because he appeared to be entirely heterosexual, and secondly, because Max was starting to become obsessed with the kid, for no real reason he could put his finger on. Last night he'd woken to darkness, outrageously horny, with the vestiges of a killer erotic dream centering around Simon lingering in his consciousness.

As he warily stepped into his courtyard to retrieve his washing, six days after he'd moved in, his gaze slipped into his neighbour's yard.

'Hullo,' Simon greeted cheerily.

Max wanted to impale the little bastard on one of the fence palings. If it wasn't bad enough that he was lusting after the young exhibitionist, Simon never failed to greet him in an average neighbourly tone, as though his behaviour was nothing out of the ordinary. Three times now, three fucking times Max had caught sight of Simon engaging in sexual activity. Twice with his girlfriend and once, on Thursday night, by himself. Watching the lean brunette jerk off, Simon's teeth digging into his lower lip and his lust-glazed eyes half-open, had been almos too much.

'Hey,' Max replied forcedly, trying to erase the mental image of naked Simon from his mind. 'How are you going?'

'Oh, fine,' Simon replied breezily. 'I suppose the bright side of having a sucky part time job as a Friday night bartender is that you're never hung over on Saturday mornings.'

Max laughed. 'S'pose that's right mate. You a student or something?'

Simon wrinkled his nose. 'Unfortunately. One day I'm going to be a rich doctor. Apparently.'

Max nearly choked. He could imagine his neighbour engaging in a pointless Arts degree, or something similarly unchallenging, but medicine? Well, if nothing else, Simon obviously enjoyed anatomy. Not to mention exposing his anatomy. And God did he have some nice stuff hiding underneath his current outfit of red and white candy striped pajama pants and white singlet.

Noting Max's surprise, Simon laughed. 'So what do you do?' he inquired.

'Labouring at the moment,' Max replied. He was almost embarrassed. Fuck it, he told himself, willing himself not to be ashamed of his current occupation. He was lusting after Simon, not wanting to bloody marry him, the disparity in their means of employment didn't mean squat.

Simon nodded. 'I don't suppose you've spoken to Ye Quiet One on the other side of you yet?'

Max had to admit he hadn't. 'Ye Quiet One' as Simon called him was one of the oddest people Max had ever come across. He tended to remind Max of a timid mouse, always scurrying away whenever he or Simon were around. No visitor's seemed to grace his residence and to date Max had no clues about what the boy did for a living. He looked to be around eighteen or nineteen, of average height, with a thin build, and black-framed glasses that gave him an oddly artsy air. Not a bad looking teenager, but not the sort of person Max would normally associate with. He'd offered the bloke a 'hello' when they'd first met, but that had been their first and only exchange to date.

'I don't think he likes human contact,' Simon sighed, disappointed that he wouldn't be hearing any dirt on one of his co-residents. 'He doesn't even have a girlfriend. I'm yet to see a female enter the premises, excluding some woman who appears to be his sister.'

'Hmm.' Max wasn't particularly into gossip.

'Hmm,' Simon mocked teasingly. 'So, Maxie, are you doing anything tonight, or do you want to come out with us tonight and check out Brisbane?'

The invitation threw Max off balance. He wasn't entirely sure who 'us' was, and he'd yet to mention to Simon that Brisbane was actually his hometown. Granted, he hadn't visited for seven years, but that was more due to family difficulties rather than desire, and he was fairly sure not much could have changed.

'Sure,' he replied eventually.

Simon was enjoying himself. In the company of fellow perverts, plus his surprisingly funny new neighbour, he'd downed five vodkas and was working on his sixth.

His friends, Chuckie and Ray, plus Simon and Max, were slung loosely over bar stools at the local, the former two and latter with beers in front of them. Girlfriends, morals and any sense of decency had been flung aside for the night and they engaged in the sort of talk that normally led to their feminine partners yawning with boredom.

Maybe it was the alcohol, but as the night wore on, Simon found his gaze lingering in Max's direction. It had been three hours since they had learned that Max was indeed queer, and the knowledge gave Simon an odd feeling of exhilaration. He was no longer irritated with 'annoying gay men' who dared move into his neighbouring unit. Rather, he was considering the mechanics and possible fun that queer sex may entail. He'd never done a guy before, and nor had he 'been done' by one. Once he'd been obsessed with trying it out, unable to accept that simply because he was straight he should stick with women, but months of trying to procure a suitable partner for the act had proved fruitless and he'd pushed his curiosity aside.

But a lot had changed in the past five years. The desire for homosexual sex amongst the heterosexual population had grown more visible. Simon was innately aware that Max was no innocent, and because of this he found his mind becoming occupied with the possibility of seducing the man. Max would be the perfect man for the experience; he was self-confident, world-wise, and, most importantly, gay. For whatever reason, gay sex with a gay man piqued Simon's interest far more than the thought of gay sex with another straight man.

After a little more deliberation, Simon decided it was worth a shot. He began to flirt, subtly at first, and then more overtly when Max failed to give him due attention.

Chuckie and Ray, fellow medical students cum perverts, understood exactly what their friend was doing. Within minutes they were making their excuses and they left soon after with bemused expressions and thoughts of sex filling their minds.

'We should go too,' Simon suggested as they finished their drinks.

Max nodded. 'I'm beat.'

Simon hid his scowl. Was Max really utterly oblivious? What did he need, to be hit in the head with a hard dick before he realised he was being seduced? Or was it that Max wasn't attracted to him?

Simon frowned thoughtfully. Max was definitely attracted to him, that much was certain. He was single, too, he'd already confirmed that vital piece of information. Simon may not have been single, but his relationship was 'open' and even if he were in a monogamous relationship, he had to admit he probably would have tried to seduce Max anyway.

The journey home was equally frustrating for Simon. He sat in the passenger seat of Max's ute, wondering if his efforts were going to be fruitless. His flirting slowed down and eventually ceased. It was only when they pulled up outside the block of units that Simon decided to do away with flirting and give Max one hell of a big hint. The kind of hint that's meaning is readily obvious.

'So, have you ever had sex with a straight guy before?' he inquired.

'I've worked in some pretty isolated places,' Max replied by way of an answer. 'All male workforces and no women for hundreds of kilometres.'

Simon was both disappointed and curious. Both emotions showed on his face.

Max laughed. 'I thought you'd be a little more skilled at the process of seduction.'

His counterpart's face fell. He was twenty-three goddamnit, he couldn't be losing his vital skills. A little cross, but mostly pleased that Max suddenly seemed to be not only aware of what he was attempting, but interested, Simon decided to wreak a little cold-hearted revenge.

'Sweet,' he smiled evilly. 'I'll be at your place in an hour.'

And with that, he stepped outside the ute, not casting a second glance in Max's direction.

Mordie was reading in bed when he heard Max's ute pull up. A quick peek out of his bedroom window - okay, maybe he was a little hot for Max - bought a glare to his face and his senses were bombarded with the most irrational feeling of anger. Fuck Simon, fuck him, fuck him, fuck him. As if it wasn't enough that the slut shamelessly exhibited his sexual activity, Simon appeared to be in the process of slowly seducing Mordie's lust object. The situation was made considerably more annoying by the fact that Mordie knew damn well Simon was straight. Which meant that Simon had no right to sleep with Max. No right at all. Homosexuals were disadvantaged enough by being in the majority, they didn't need straight men stealing the few good prospects available.

Mordie flung his book aside and stormed into his living room, searching for something to keep his mind off Simon. There was no doubt that within a few days Simon would invite Max into his liar and proceed to have sex with him.

The television flickered on and Mordie sat upright on his couch, compiling a list of all the things he hated about straight men. It was quite a comprehensive, if ridiculous, compilation. He then proceeded to tell himself he believed in every last skerrick of crap he'd come up with. Unfortunately, his brain was resisting, which only made his wretched sense of helplessness grow. Life would be so much easier, if only he could discriminate.

After approximately an hour, he started to settle down. He told himself he was being ridiculous. It was neither Max's, nor Simon's, fault that he couldn't find a boyfriend. His life as a pathetic gay loner was nobody's fault but his own.

It wasn't as thoughMordie had no sexual experience. There had been Roger, from highschool, whom he had jerked off, and had jerked him off in return, for the seven months their friendship lasted before Roger's father walked in on them and promptly sent his son away to boarding 's father had over-reacted. Not only was Roger straight, but even if he were gay, it was hardly as though the man could have done anything to change it.

At seventeen, at a party, Mordie had unexpectedly found himself in conversation with a boy from another school. His name was Luke. Luke had driven him to a deserted park and they'd exchanged fellatio in the back seat of Luke's rusted old Camry. The event remained his most exciting, and enjoyable, sexual experience to date, but unfortunately for Mordie, he'd shunned Luke's offer of 'more'. It was a regret he held onto nearly two years after the event.

His final experience had once more involved mutual oral sex, but it was not an occasion on which he cared to dwell. He'd met the man at a coffee shop in Fortitude Valley, and had gone home with him, only to be faced with evidence of some of the worst genital hygiene known to man. The memory alone was enough to make his stomach lurch.

In summary, his sexual experience was sadly lacking. Simon managed to - and publicly at that - engage in more sexual activity over any given two day period than Mordie had enjoyed in his whole nineteen years.

'On the bright side,' Mordie told himself aloud. 'If there were prizes given for masturbation, I'm sure I'd win in several fields. Frequency, practice, skill, stamina, all areas in which Mordecai Eliath has the rest of the population beaten hands down. Or dicks down. Whichever the gents prefer.'

Mordie was also well practiced in the art of talking to himself.

Taking himself to the kitchen for a drink of water, he almost dropped his glass when he saw a nude Simon saunter out of Max's unit and into his courtyard. God he was so fucking annoying. And hot, but that was beside the point.

Mordie's heart fell as he noticed Max, in matching attire, follow his seducer outside. Mordie knew he shouldn't stay and watch, but try as he might, he couldn't find it in himself to push the image of naked Max from his mind and go to bed. Instead, he reached over and flicked off the kitchen light, went to the lounge and did likewise there, before settling himself in a position where he felt his shadowy presence would pass unknown.

Not that Simon would care if he knew he was being watched, Mordie thought with disgust. God no, that would increase the slut's arousal, and Mordie could see more than enough of the seven or so inches or perfectly formed cock that was bobbing around ridiculously as Simon laid first a sleeping bag, then several pillows, on the patchy grass of Max's courtyard.

His gaze moved from Simon to Max. His irritation suddenly, inexplicably fled, and he didn't even notice he was gaping as he carefully drank in the nude figure of his latest crush. Max's body was beautiful. He had the body of an adult, not that of a teenager or a man in his early twenties. His shoulder's were broad and his torso was all hard flesh and golden hair. Max's bum was nothing short of spectacular and the view Mordie received of the said, perfect, butt as Max half bent over and dropped what Mordie assumed was lubricant and condoms onto the grass, made him painfully aware of his own arousal.

With his heart beating madly, Mordie slipped one hand down his boxers and touched the head of his cock. The first droplet of moisture was massaged into his erection as his desire became almost palpable. Should he masturbate? Did he dare? Could he honestly be brave enough to strip off and wank whilst watching Simon and Max?

He'd watched Simon before - once or twice, and guiltily, during Simon's first displays of his nude form - but he'd never blatantly hidden behind his kitchen curtains and masturbated whilst the act was taking place. Not to mention that it wasn't Simon he was interested in; no, it was Max he wanted, and Max he desired. It would be Max he would be jerking off to.

Adrenalin coursed through his veins and, pushing his morals and self-respect aside, Mordie shucked off his boxers. He felt stupid for only a second before his gaze was drawn once more to Max and Simon. They were kissing, and it was obvious that Max knew exactly what he was doing. Possibly for the first time in his life, Simon's movements were awkward and uncertain. The younger man was fumbling every second or two, and when Max kicked Simon's legs out from beneath him and gently laid him on the ground, Simon's expression and reaction was priceless. Mordie bit back a laugh at the sight, all the while wanting to hit Simon for being so clueless.

His laughter ceased when he noticed Max crawling between Simon's legs. As Max began to work his tongue around Simon's nether regions, Mordie's hand gripped his erection and he began to stroke himself. His embarrassment at covertly observing the act fell away, replaced by the desperation of his lust. Max, Christ, Max. He wanted him more than ever before.

One last desperate cry escaped Max's lips as he half-fell onto Simon, his lust sated. Simon's fingers twisted through Max's damp, blonde hair and he pulled him forward, joining their sweat-salted lips together in a kiss.

'Mmm, nice,' Simon murmured. 'You wanna know who else enjoyed this?'

Max tensed up. 'What are you talking about?' he demanded.

Simon laughed. 'Don't get so uptight, I was only talking about Ye Quiet One. He seemed to enjoy the sight of your bum.'

The pair glanced in the direction of Ye Quiet One's unit. Ye Quiet One was no longer in the kitchen.

'He's gone,' Simon shrugged, the penis up his rear starting to cause him some discomfort. 'He was watching us. Watching you.'

Max frowned as he carefully withdrew. Something about Simon's words bothered him. He couldn't put his finger on the emotion for a second or two, but when he did, it hit him like a sledgehammer. Guilt. He felt terrible. For whatever reason, he didn't want the kid to know he'd been out here, shamelessly fucking Simon.

'Coming for a shower?' Simon inquired, slipping out from beneath Max.

Max nodded without considering Simon's question. He didn't understand why he felt like this. Ye Quiet One wasn't a child. He looked to be in his late teens, old enough by far to know what sex was. And if he didn't appreciate what he was seeing, he could have turned away. There was no reason to feel like this. No reason at all.

'Max?' Simon repeated.