I chose to forget,

To move on from that place,

Bar it from my mind,

It only comes to me in dreams,

So vulnerable as I sleep,

It is only then I see your face,

Only then I hear your words, feel you touch,

However ghostly it is now, it still hurts,

You made me what I am, but do not be proud,

Dysfunction is my whole existence,

I hurt, I harm, I hate,

I hate you,

I hate you for everything you ever did, and ever said,

I hate you for making me feel this way,

I hate you for breaking every trust I ever had,

But most of all I hate myself, for letting you break me,

I chose to forget, I choose to be blank,

I desire my freedom from your ghost, your shadow,

I want some peace, some space to dream,

But most of all, I want to live.