Autumn's Sonnet

by v_voltaire

:v_voltaire takes the stage: I'll admit it: I was feeling homesick one day. The only thing I really missed was the fall leaves. As gorgeous as it was down south, I kept getting reports that the autumn leaves back home were the most beautiful anyone has seen for at least a decade. And I missed them. So, I wrote this poem. I think it's my finest work so far. :v_voltaire leaves the stage in a spectacular gust of red, orange, and gold leaves:

I saw you walking in the wild,

To whispering Wind your secrets told.

You closed your eyes and softly smiled,

And did not seem to feel the cold.

About your head soft Leaves of gold

Laughingly mocked me to play,

And suddenly I felt so old,

And to the Breeze I had to pray:

These feelings have to fade away,

As fiery red replaces green.

And as the Sun removed its rays,

I turned and walked away, unseen.

My spirit travels with the Breeze

And swirls round you like autumn's leaves.