Winter's Sonnet

by v_voltaire

:v_voltaire takes the stage: It took a total revamping of the first version of this poem to get it the way I wanted, but I absolutely adore the end result. I loved my Autumn's Sonnet so much that I decided to continue the tradition. Perhaps there will be another one coming in Spring, and then one in the Summer. This might replace number three as my most sad. :v_voltaire leaves the stage in a gust of snowflakes:

The snowflake rises, falls, and dashes

Swoops away, then brushes near,

Catches on my dark eyelashes,

Melts in imitation of a tear.

The wind is screeching in my ear,

A wild, abandoned, mournful cry.

I hold my head, but still I hear

My own voice questioning me, "Why?"

"Why are my pained eyes so dry?"

"Why can I no longer feel?"

"Why can't I scream, although I try?"

"Why does none of this seem real?"

The storm has left my passions dead

And wails for me, then, in my stead.