Stop the cutting,
You're pathetic.
The crys of everyday life,
The screaming, the torture,
The black roses of life.

The guys that leave us,
The ones that lead us,
Like a lamb we are led,
To the slaughter of our lives.
Our sanity is cut away.

Broken apart by feelings,
Torn apart by others,
Is there any point in being?
The circle of events,
Over and over again.

Thorns inbedded in my skin,
Hands shaking, body stiff,
Heart cold, tears of ice,
Nails turn to claws,
As they attack deep.

Attention seeker

Fuck you! How could you know?
I watch myself die, life fading away,
A few cuts are nothing but help,
A release from all the pain,

How would you know?
If you have never been there yourself...