The two sat together,
Holding each other close,
Her fangs pierce his skin,
Letting the beautiful liquid run.

Flowing into her mouth,
She drinks the sweet liquid,
Licking at the pierced marks,
Of her lovers neck.

He holds her on him,
Liking the feeling of her,
Attached to him drinking,
Letting her craving be fed.

Pulling away she looks,
At his caring vamperic eyes,
Smiling at him,
Kissing him.

He tastes his blood,
On her lips and licks,
Now craving for the liquid,
They swap roles.

Tasting each other,
Their own way of being,
Their may of making love,
Together, drinking.

They crave each other,
Their touch, taste,
Loving each other,
Whether together or apart.

The two vampires,
Together, alone,
Freaking out the others,
Ones who watch.

They smile at each other,
Then to the world,
Knowing that their craving,
Would make them different.

Not that it mattered,
As long as they were together,
Happy. Drinking. Loving.