"Lonely Girl Pt. 2"

Her pale white skin seemed to vanish in the snow,
as I kneeled beside her, her body began to get cold.
I watched in silence as her once hopeful eyes now glazed over.
I gently placed her head on my lap and cradled it slowly.

She used to dance so lively in the shadow of the moon.
I remember how beautifully the light would radiate her face.
Her hair, which was as black as the tortured sky,
moved magically with her doll-like body during each turn.

She cried out loud to the sad moon in the stillness,
"Save me! Dear God save me!
Take pity on me and allow me to die!"
And with that, she fell.

Her long, cloak-like hair now covered her face and
all I could hear was the rustle of branches against the cool night breeze.
I stood, just above her fallen body.
Dare I weep for this tortured soul?

Her only wish was to be pitied…
I slowly kneel down and gently glide my hand across her pale skin.
Scars have covered her naked body,
but she is still beautiful.

"Awake dear child", but no such answer.
I now lay beside her on my stomach.
The ground is cold, worms and maggots crawl upon it
tickling my body and reminding me of the tortures and numbness that lies within.

It's hard to breath in such a demonic place.
The fog now hovers above us.
I brush her hair (which is glistening from the dew) softly from her face
so I may get one last glimpse of her eyes.

They stare at me, widely and blankly as if frozen petrified. Lifeless.
I touched her cheek and sung words so sweet that a bloody tear fell from her eye.
Down her cheek it fell, slowly, and I longed to wipe it clean.
But, a thought came upon me and into the ground her tear did sink.

Now a seventh time around my beloved's head rests in my lap.
I stroke her hair and up rose my dear.
She stood and cried, I held her tight, and there I the darkness we stood.
Forever we stand till' she dies once again in this hell where there is no morning.

Faint whispers exchanged among silent pains when death is all but glory.