Double, Double Toil and Trouble

I paced nervously back and forth outside the makeup room, shifting in my costume uncomfortably waiting for my turn to get my makeup on.

"Alright, it's your turn!" Sarah said and I walked inside and sat obediently on a stool. Tonight was opening night for Macbeth, our school play and I was the Second Weird Sister and this was my first onstage performance, so I was quite nervous, never having been on stage in such a large production before. Sarah, my best friend was also in the performance as Lady Macbeth. I shifted in the seat and let Sarah get the makeup to cover my face, smudging it on and then smoothing it out.

"It's cold," I said with a shiver and Sarah laughed at my reaction.

"It's supposed to be cold dear," Teresa said from her seat, "It doesn't get warm in here during the day, much less warm enough to heat the makeup." Teresa was the third Weird Sister and a good friend of mine as well.

"I think I figured that but it still feels very cold," I replied and watched as Sarah set down one of the makeup containers for another.

"Alright, close your eyes now," Sarah said and I shut my eyes tightly, "Not so tightly though!" I relaxed them slightly as Sarah began to apply eye shadow and other makeup. I felt the makeup pencil drag across my eyes in a circular design and a brush swept across my lids loosely.

"That tickles," I said and Sarah and Teresa laughed. I joined in with just a half laugh as a result of the butterflies churning in my stomach.

"Okay, now open your eyes," Sarah said and I opened them obediently and she began to apply some powder to my face. Then she pulled out another makeup pencil and drew some black lines across my face. I looked into the mirror that was above the counter in front of me and saw my face had transformed to look much older than I actually was. I looked like a weird sister even if I didn't feel like one right now. My butterflies churned in my stomach again.

"I'm really nervous," I said and Teresa smiled at me.

"Don't be hon," she said, "It's going to be fine, we're going to do a great job and you know it."

"My parents are going to be here," I said, "And I don't know who my mom invited!"

"Just knock their socks off then Katy," Sarah said, "Alright, now we have to apply the lipstick…let me see…" She picked up various lipsticks and examined each color, muttering if one was too dark or too light of a shade for my lips.

"Trouble?" I asked and she smiled at me, holding up a lipstick that was a deep shade of crimson.

"This is the one!" she announced proudly and had my open my mouth and it felt both smooth and a little wet as she applied it to my bottom lip, "Okay, now you have to mush your lips together!" I did as she instructed, which was basically just pressing my lips together and moving them around to get the lipstick applied evenly.

"I'm good now?" I asked, glancing over at Teresa for a sec; she was doing her lipstick and it was the same red shade my lipstick was. Of course, it was to be expected, she was the third weird sister so we had to look a little alike.

"Yep, now I have to make sure everyone else id done. Go make sure your wimple is on your head tight enough," Teresa said. A wimple is a headpiece that goes over your hair and ears. My wimple was tan and I went to the mirror to make sure it was tight enough. My heart raced with excitement and fear as I glanced at the clock in the mirror, it was almost time. We were going to be on in about half an hour!

"Hey everyone, we're almost ready to get on stage!" Stephanie said, coming into the makeup room and addressing us, "Finish up quickly!" She was the actress playing Hecate.

"I'm almost done here we'll be there in no time!" Sarah replied and I giggled a bit from the nerves.

"Still nervous?" Teresa asked and I nodded, "Don't worry you'll do fine." After all our makeup was on we had to get out to the stage area because we were almost on. The stage looked awesome with the platform and the stairs and then the really high platform above it. It had been painted grey to look like stones and there was a passageway underneath the platform and stairs. There was another platform stage left too, but it wasn't as tall as the one stage right. In the first act the other weird sisters and I were coming from stage right towards the lower part of the high platform and stairs.

"I don't think I can do this," I said as I caught a glimpse of the people that were out in the audience. There were so many people my stomach churned with the butterflies in them. Teresa grabbed my shoulders and looked me in the eyes.

"Alright Katy, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths," she said and I did as she instructed, smelling the costumes, paint and dust as I did so, "Good, now listen to me. You're going to do fine, we've practiced this, and you know your lines." She said that a few times and I nodded and opened my eyes to see her smiling.

"Thanks," I said, "Now we better get ready to get on." I still was very nervous though. My parents were in the audience tonight! April was already waiting for our cue.

"Ready witches?" April asked with a wicked grin as we watched it get dark in the theatre and in the stage area and I nodded back. Our music began and we headed out. I was slower than the others because I had to fake a limp onto the stage. We took our places among the steps and the music began to fade and the lights came up on us. April had the first line so she would start it all off for us. The music stopped and we began our performance. I lifted my head and listened for my cue. I was ready for this. April began her first line…

"When shall we three meet again, in thunder, lightning or in rain?"