Monkeys On My Back Nick Warner

The day began warm with a dim breeze to the air. Freshly melted snow racing down the sides of the road: plummeting down into the sewer. Waiting in the warm, but cool air for the bus to come. Finally two blinking lights emerge from the corner. Feeling around for my pack I take out a cig and light it. Finally emerging from around the corner I see the big yellow boat crawls it's way towards me.

As it stops the sound of the air brakes, and the rustle of the diesel engine grow louder. Walking to the door to see the watch your step sign like I'm an idiot. I'm listening to my headphones as loud as possible as I step onto the yellow boat. Looking up to see the bus driver say something. Thinking how loud my music must be blasting, and the stupidity of saying something to me like I hear them.

Tree's racing by: the stripes on the road almost blurring into one long strip. Eye's heavy and dry: to any light stings to the senses. The tip of the sun peeks over the long bridge; which has earned the name " Devil's Bridge". Because of all the accidents that have occurred since the school opened. Light fog settles by the swamps making a misty haze over the roads. The jarring turns and bumps finally to stop outside the school. Dragging my twenty- pound backpack on my shoulders. Holding on the side rails losing breath with every floor.

Finally once I reach the peak of the long grueling journey. I crawl to my classroom to find my teacher with a smile. Looks at me and says " Good morning." Lifting my heavy head with squinted eye's I reply, " It's still dark out." Another smile as I return one back with much dismay. Taking my seat I place my head down only to hear the piercing bell seconds later.

I by now look like a zombie who can't stay awake. Hearing the teacher " Nick you can't sleep!" I reply " I'm not sleeping I'm simply resting my eyes." Peering up to see the teacher I grin like the joker from Batman, and rest my head down once more. Dropping in and out of sleep: hearing the teacher saying my name over and over again, and the longing for my big, soft, squishy bed. Brought me to tranquility, but of course only for a brief moment.

Waking to the teacher knocking on my desk really hard. The harsh sounds shooting in my ear: thinking to myself how much time I think I've wasted trying to sleep. To look: and only see three minute have gone by into my almost seven hour day. Teary eyes burning: from the halogen lighting. Sitting there thinking when's lunch going to be going down dam?

Finally saved by the bell after what seemed like a lifetime of nothingness. I race to culinary to obtain food and drink for my cottonmouth. Of course I end up being late to my next class and am marked tardy for it. I simply go sit down and get started on my food, and the next lifetime of nothingness I'm about to go through. After during some class work we are freed from our prison.

I begin walking down the hall gracefully to my next destination listening to my headphones. Constantly glancing around at all of the other eyes passing me by. Acknowledging anyone I know with either a high five or a nod. Listening to my headphones of course when Metallica comes on playing Fade to Black. I feel a wave of sadness come over me.

Trying to figure out what may have caused it I sit in unknowingness for a while. Finally after much thought, I was able to figure out my problem. As I was on my way to lunch a kid I was passing by saw I was looking blue, and stopped me to tell me something. He said, " Hey dude there's a monkey on your back." I of course didn't believe him. Turning around to see a real monkey on my back I freaked out and beat the poor thing to death.

Which made me think maybe I should take people more seriously when they say something. Of course that would make me more susceptible to being called gullible. Now simply when I feel like crap the first place I check is my back. Since that day I've had three other monkeys. Instead of killing them though I kept them as pets. I now have two named Cheech and Chong.