Hide me. Hide me away from the world

It might see me

Hide it. Hide the world away from my eyes

I might see it

Silence it. I might hear it

Snatch it away. I might read it

I might watch it

I might think it

Veil covering my head,

Blinding me

Hide me from what can hurt me

It won't come if you say its not there

The Veil over my eyes cannot halt

the thorn bursting through my flesh

The Veil over my eyes will not halt

my mind's acquisition and realization

So hide it. Hide it all away

Hide the world behind your Veil

Your filter

You can't see it

You won't

You refuse to

That does not mean it is not there

Looming and waiting to strike

Hide the face of the world

Hide the way of the world

Save me the pain

Until there is enough to suffocate me

Save me the tears

Until there are enough to drown me

Save me from the world

Until it can shake me

And break me

And take me away

Your Veil cannot hide the truth forever

Your filter does not cover the entire world

Hide it all away

Save me the pain

Cause even if you can't see it

It will still find you someday

-Blind Visionary