The Angels rose

(Chapter one)

Snow fell over the quiet streets of England, making it look like that of a child's fairy tale setting. Though there was no one awake to look upon this beautiful sight, they were all in their house snug tight in their warms bed. All except young Edena Spear. A young maiden of 13, who had been living with her aunt and uncle since she was the age of five, she had moved in with them after her parents had died when their house had caught fire. But Edena never liked to listen to her aunt and uncle when it came to rules. Like staying in the house at night instead of prowling the streets of Britain in the middle of the night.

But Edena couldn't help it.

She loved the night, better than the morning. At night you were able to just walk around the streets and have time to think without having people all around too noisy and busy while doing their daily duties. Another reason why Edena loved the night was to look up upon the stars which where not very clear this night, for the clouds had blocked the fairness of the glowing dots in the sky. But the beauty of the stars was replaced with the fair beauty of the snow that fell over all of Britain like a blanket of pure white.

Edena was just on her way back home so not to get in trouble when her aunt came to check up on her. When she noticed this body of a young boy laying in the snow not too far off from where she was. She gasped when she saw that he was shivering and ran over to him, taking off her own coat and throwing it over him trying to keep him as harm as she possibly could. "Do not worry now, I am here" she said soothingly while playing the boys head on her lap giving her a good view of what he looked like; He had dark jet black hair, pale skin, which she thought most likely was from being out in the cold, and he looked to be about two years older than she.

"Who . . . are . . . you?" asked the boy who opened his eyes and looks at Edena with such shocking grey eyes.

"Edena Spear that is my name! Why were you out here in this weather?" Edena asked stroking the boys' arms to keep circulation going as well as tightening the coat around him. "My name is Eron and I don't remember how I came to be here." Eron spoke trying to sit up but found it difficult because of how cold he was, "Oh then we must find you a place to stay" Edena sighed while helping Eron to his feet and keep his balance. "No it's ok, I can find where I live from here" Eron said standing on his own, though weakly for his legs where yet able to old his weight.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes I am very sure thank you for you kindness Edena" Eron bowed his head before disappearing from sight. Edena just stood there as if she had just seen a ghost. For a boy that was just there a minute ago had just vanished from sight. She looked all around to see if he was anywhere but couldn't see anything, but something laying on the ground caught her eye. For there laying in the white snow was a gold chain with a red rose pendant on it, bending down Edena picked it up in her hands and looked at it. The rose pendant had the words 'Thank you fair maiden Edena' written on the back.

Blushing slightly Edena put the necklace around her neck and continued her way home before she was caught out of bed.

But she never knew that she was being watched.

"I know we will meet again fair Edena, the fates have spoken it" a voice carried on the wind and into the snowy night.

Years had passed since that night when Edena and Eron had met. And now Edena had turn from a child of 13 into a woman of 17. Her beauty was known to out shine the sun, as men have said about her. All men she knew tried to win her but nothing had worked so far. She was determined to marry the young boy she had met all those years ago on that one snowy night on Britain square. Not one had her taken off the necklace that he and left for her, she forever wore it, never answering the questions that were thrown at her about it. Her only answers was a dream like smiles and far off looks in her eyes as she walked away from the person, who most of the time happened to be her aunt and her rich friends who had husbands who were lords.

But she thought it was in vain to wait for him, for it had been four long years since she had laid eyes on the handsome Eron. But even then she had not forgotten what he looked like, with his shoulder length black hair that was like the darkest night, and amazing grey eyes that you could lose yourself in and never wish to return to reality. And now she was sitting at her window sill looking out at the night, when her aunt walked in.

"Dear child you have been looking out that window for hours. Come it's tome for dinner" Her aunt Lady Olivia huffed before walking out of the room again, not noticing Edena was yet to move from her place by the window. "EDENA!" Olivia called.

"By and by I come dear aunt" Edena stood from her place and walked out of her room to the dinning hall where her aunt and uncle were already seated waiting for her. "Goodness child you spend to many hours day dreaming I'm beginning to wonder if you're ever really in this world or the next" Lady Olivia stated not looking up from where she was eating. Edena never really expected much of a welcoming from her aunt anyway, her uncle was another story. He stood up and hugged her before pulling out a seat for her to sit in which she gladly did after thanking him.

"My dear uncle Jabir what is the news at the palace and the queen is it true that she is ill?" Edena asked while looking at the uncle that she had loved so dearly whom in turn looked back at her like any loving uncle would at their niece. "Yes I am afraid it is true young one that the queen had become ill as of late" Jabir responded with a great sigh. "That is of great news, our dear Edena here would make a lovely queen for she is the next in line for the throne" Olivia beamed. Edena was told about two years ago that her mother had been the queen's sister along with her uncle. But her mother and uncle had decided to live outside the palace to begin families of their own while their elder sister would take the throne.

"That is not a wise thing to say Olivia! The queen is my sister and thou should show her respect" Jabir scowled as his wife for using such a phrase. "But you have given up the throne and thy sister has no heir of her own dear husband and we have no children. Edena was the only child you your late sister and she has the right to become the next queen it is in her blood" Olivia argued her hatful gaze never leaving her husband's face which still held it's scowl like feature. "Thou should never speak in front of the person thou are talking about" Edena snapped standing from her seat and stormed from the dinning room before another word was spoken.

She had slowed her pace down when she reached the glass doors that lead to the garden, sighing she opened the doors and let the cool spring night air brush against her face and blow her hair behind her. Picking up a little bit of her dress she walked down the stairs and over to the fountain where she looked into the water, "Why does my lady aunt Olivia wish for me to become queen so badly? Doesn't she understand that I want to live a regular life with a husband of my own as well has lovely children?" Edena asked to herself not noticing the person come up behind her.

"If thee not wish to be queen, thou should tell her aunt so"

Startled Edena turned around and found herself starring into oh so familar eyes of shocking grey. "Eron?" she whispered in disbelieve. "Oh Edena thou have grown into such beauty that it would be hard not to mistake you from the most beautiful of roses" Eron smiled as he stroked her hair. "Where have thou been all these years?" Edena cried embracing the man who had haunted her dreams.

"I have been with gods and to the ends of the afterworld to get to you again! It has been to long Edena since that fateful night where I first met thee." Eron returned the embrace as well as kissing the top of Edena's head. "But art thou mad at me for leaving thee alone?" he asked uncertain of what was going through the young maidens' mind. "No good sir I am not mad at thee, I am quite happy to see you in this hour of need for me" Edena whispered against the fabric of Eron's silk shirt which she cried tears of happiness into to.

"It was thee who called me here, thou have been crying to much since we last parted" Eron soothed her with a calm voice, with his right hand he hooked his fingers under Edena's chin and lifted her face to look at him and wiped the tears from her eyes and cheeks. "I have but thou should have not stayed away to long" Edena cried more as Eron's tried his best, "Thou should not cry for it does not suit thee."

"Where was thee during all these years?"

"My darling Edena, if I tell thee, thou would have to promise not to tell"

"I promise thou and thyself that I will never tell this secret thou is about tell"

Smiling at her words Eron's dragged Edena over to a bench where he told her to sit. Which she did. Nodding and looking around to make sure that they were alone in the garden before closing his eyes. What next happened made Edena jump for from Eron's back sprouted a pair of glorious pure white wings

"THOU ARE AN ANGEL?" Edena cried out in surprise as Eron nodded, "That I am fair maiden, that I am" Eron sighed sitting down next to her and wrapping one wing around Edena pulling her close and out of the spring air.

"So this is how thee disappeared from my sight those years ago?" Edena asked. "It was."

Smiling, Edena laughed while running her hands in the inside of the wings that was wrapped around her and giggled at the softness of the feathers.

"EDENA? WHERE ART THOU CHILD?" came lady Olivia's voice from the garden door.

"I am here dear aunt"

"Then come inside beforethou catch cold"

"I will . . . "


Sighing Edena pulled away from Eron and stood, only to have Eron grab her hand. "When can we meet again sweet Edena?" Eron asked standing up his wings spread out behind him, "Whenever thou wish it."


"By and by I come dear aunt"

"Until then I will see thee" Eron kissed the back on her hand and vanished from sight just as Olivia called for her again. Sighing Edena picked up the skirt of her dress and ran off into the house.

An-don't kill me for using thou, thee or anything it's my first story I ever really used it in