The Angels rose

(Chapter two)

"Good-heavens child what is taking thee so long?" Lady Olivia complained while she stood outside of Edena's room waiting for her niece to finish dressing and come out. "My lady why does thou wish for me to where this?" Edena stepped out of her room dark green dress with blue lining.

"But thee look beautiful"

"I look like a woman out of the whorehouse"

"Now Edena there will be no word ever spoken of that place under this roof now come along" Lady Olivia snapped while walking off down the hall, sighing Edena followed her. When they arrived in the front of the mansion Lord Jabir was waiting for them, "Uncle dear why do I have to wear such on awful dress like this?" Edena asked her uncle giving him a pleading look.

"Now my lovely niece, it doesn't matter what thou wearing but thou still beautiful just like thou mother was" Jabir grinned at Edena making her blush. "That may be true uncle but I still wish not to wear this awful thing" Edena whispered under her breath when her aunt turned to look at her, she gave her aunt a charming smile before looking away. "Than run back to thou room and change I will speak to Olivia" Jabir pushed Edena towards the chairs and watched her smile before running up the steps' two at a time before running into her room.

Once there she stripped herself down and went over to her closest and picked out a pale blue dress and put it on and watched in the mirror as it hugged her figure.

"Thou looks beautiful as always!" Jabir smiled when Edena came back down stairs.

"Beautiful she looks like a rain drop in that dress and she's going to make us late" Olivia huffed walking out the door her nose stuck in the air. "Do not mind her young one, she just can't stand when people out shine her own beauty most thou selves fair beauty" Jabir stated offering his arm to Edena who gladly took it. Olivia had Jabir the night before ask to see the queen about who was going to be the next ruler of England, much to a displeased Edena who wanted nothing to do with what her aunt was planning. But as they got to the palace, she kept her head held high and walked with grace as they were lead towards the queens royal chamber where they found the queen sitting in bed smiling at them as they entered.

"My dear Edena how thou had grown into a beautiful young woman, the last I saw thee, thou was only two" The queen said gesturing towards Edena to come closer. Placing a sweet smile on her lips Edena stepped forth until she stood beside the bed. As her second aunt she had rarely truly known pulled her into a weak embrace. A little surprised Edena soon returned the embrace.

Olivia than walked over with Jabir and sat down in the chairs that were beside the bed.

"Now Jabir why have thou come to see me?"

"We were wandering who shall be taking over the throne once thou is gone" Olivia spoke up before Jabir had a chance to reply. The queen looked at Olivia, clearly offended. "I am sorry sister, my wife does not know what she is talking about at times" Jabir apologized giving Olivia a stern look, clearly stating he was quite upset with her.

"That is quite all right Jabir! Thou wife has a point, I am old and will soon pass away. I have not one heir of my own, and you have no children. Only our dear late sister Cade was able to conceive a child. Who is our lovely Edena here." The queen stated smiling at Edena whom in turn looked away. "That is why Edena must have your consent to take the throne once you had passed" Olivia said.

Edena couldn't take any more of this and arose from her seat. "HOW DARE THEE? HOW DARE THEE DECIDED WHAT THOU WILL DO WITH MY FATE?" Edena shouted before picking up the help of her dress and storming from the room. She found the entrance of the palace and walked out, not bothering getting in the carriage she walked towards the gate. In which opened for her and she strolled off into town. Once Edena found a peaceful park to sit in, she sat under a tree and let the tears that were threatening to come forth in the palace, fall from her eyes.

"Why must they decide my fate?"

"Because they think they have the right to"

Snapping her head up Edena smiled one of her true smiles when she saw who it was. There was Eron standing in front of her a grin on his face was he kneeled in front of her. "Haven't I told thee, that tears do not suit thee?" Eron questions wiping the tears from her cheeks. "I know, but I can't help it. I don't want them to control me" Edena whispered voice kind of shaky. "I know thou doesn't want that. But I am here for thee" Eron said pulling Edena into a tight embrace, kissing her forehead causing Edena to blush a deep colour of red. "You look truly beautiful Edena, I thought so since we first met" Eron lovingly kisses Edena on the cheek, making her blush even more.

"I am not that beautiful . . . "

"Yes thou are. Your beauty out shines the very sun, it seems that god has put thee on this earth for a reason. I think it was for thou to meet me." Eron whispered leaning close to Edena's lips, until they were touching. Edena was amazed at the softness of Eron's lips. Even though this was her first kiss. Eron whom wanted to take the kiss a step further ran his tongue over Edena's lower lip asking for entrance.

Smiling into the kiss, Edena slightly opened her mouth, in which Eron took the time to slip his tongue in. Eron was surprised at how sweet Edena tasted that he couldn't get enough. Eron nibbled on Edena's tongue making her moan and making Edena's knee's go weak. Wrapping her arms tightly around Eron's neck Edena allowed herself to kiss back.

Soon enough they broke apart for another important thing besides their first kiss, and that was air. Panting softly, Edena placed her head on Eron's chest as he sat down and pulls her into his lap holding her close. Never wanting to let go.

But that thought was surely shattered when a voice rang out. "ERON GET AWAY FROM THAT MORTAL!"

Looking up Eron's eyes went wide, for there in front of her stood his elder brother Frey standing in front of them, not looking amused, not one bit. Edena was confused, she looked up and saw this guy with short silver hair, which she thought was impossible to have, deep gold eyes and a stronge built body and wearing a white suit with a cap flying out behind him in the breeze. "F...Frey what are thou doing here?" Eron gulped standing and helping Edena up pushing her behind him making her even more confused. But at least she now knew the stranger's name. And she figured Eron didn't want her to be close to Frey so she stayed behind him.

"I came here when our parents were wondering where thee had run off to again! Do ye enjoy making our mother worried sick about thee? I believe thou do. So I came in search of thee and where might I find thou? Snuggling with a woman and a mortal at that." Frey sneered glaring at Edena who stayed hidden behind her new found love.

"Thou should not insult my lover" Eron growled between clenched teeth.

Frey's eyes widen, before going back to their narrowed state.


"And why not Frey?"


"So I do not care if she is mortal, she can be angel, goddess, nymph whatever and I will still love her"

"Ye baby brother do not know what love is" Frey clutched his fists storming forwards and grabbing Eron by the cuff on his shirt. Eron eyes narrowed at his brother. "If thou know what's best for thee I would let me go."

"Thou do not scare me brother"

"I should" Eron started to glow a pure white and his wings appeared. Flapping them he caused a gust of wind to make Frey fly back into another tree. And if Frey was angry before he was beyond that now, "THOU LET A MORTAL KNOW WHO THOU ARE? YE ARE FOOLISH BROTHER!" Frey's own wings appeared as he charged at Eron whom just flew out of the way. 'I have to get him away from Edena' Eron thought to himself as he flew down next to Edena and whispered into her ear, "I will see thee later tonight."

Once he saw Edena nod, he turned back to Frey, "Catch me if thou can" and with that he flew off with Frey in toe.

Edena who was watching everything with wide eyes, shook her head and ran off in the direction of her home. To wait for Eron to return.