The Angels Rose

Chapter three

Eron was flying towards Edena's place, it had taken him longer than expected to lose Frey. More like Five hours and now it was pitch dark out. He would be lucky if his love was still awake. He finally reached his destination, he landed gracefully on the balcony and was surprised that it was open meaning that she was still expecting him to arrive. Smiling to himself he walked into the room to find her curled up in a chair by the fireplace asleep.

"My poor love" he whispered walking over, picking Edena up from the chair and bringing her over to the bed and placing her down gently, covering her up.

Eron was about to leave when Edena's hand grabbed his. Startled he turned around and saw Edena's beautiful sparkling blue eyes that were half hidden by long dark eyes lashes. "I was waiting for thee to come" Edena smiled sitting up in bed, the covered falling to circle her waist. "I apologize for keeping ye waiting so long, it took me awhile to lose that bastard of a brother" Eron sighed sitting down on the bed and pulling Edena into his arms, whom in turn leaned her head against his shoulder enjoying the warmth he was giving off and the feel of his arms wrapped protectively around her. "It's ok, I knew that ye would come, no matter what" Edena whispered she didn't want anyone to know Eron was here, afraid of what they would say if they did. "That is good, now have thou aunt and uncle talked to thee about what they will do with ye becoming queen?" Eron asked noticing how quiet his young lover was. "No, they have not returned yet, the servants say they will return in the morning" Edena said, a tear slipping down her cheek but she quickly wiped it away before Eron could see it. But Eron had and he clenched his fists, these mortals maybe her relatives but they were upsetting Edena and it angered him.

'But there is nothing I can do' Eron sighed to himself, pulling away from Edena.


"Ye should get some sleep, I will come back to see thee, in the garden before the big oak tree" Eron whispered kissing Edena's cheeks while covering her up again. He stayed by her side until she had fallen asleep again. Sighing he walked out onto the balcony, stretching his wings he took off, heading towards his home.

When Eron had arrived home, he got the welcoming he was expecting from his mother. A tackled hug. "Where have thou been my son?" Eron's father Lakin walked over as his mother Naiya soothed his hair, sobbing about her baby angel disappearing and leaving her worried sick.

"I was no whe..."

"He was on earth with a mortal girl" Frey cut him off smirking.

"ON EARTH! THOU WAS ON EARTH AND WITH A MORTAL FEMALE?" Lakin shouted causing Naiya to glare at him. "Don't thou shout at my baby angel" she stated. "He must have a reason" she added her glare still set upon her husband.

"I do, do thou remember those years ago, when I fell to earth in the deep snow?" Eron asked looking at his parents not even caring what his brother thought. "Yes."

"Edena the mortal girl, she is the one that saved me on that night so I wouldn't die. And I've been searching for her ever since that day, and I love her!"

"THOU LOVE A MORTAL? WHAT IS A SIN FOR YOU MY SON!" Lakin shouted, his face turning red with anger, Eron thought he was seeing smoke come out of his father ears like he was some tea kettle that came to a boil. But Naiya seemed to think differently about this. She squealed in delight and brought Eron back into a tight bear hug.


"Yes mother Edena is very pretty, no she's beautiful. She would make a fine angel" Eron smiled he knew damn well that his mother used to be mortal until she met his father whom was her guardian angel for quite sometime and it was an accident that made them meet one day while he was watching over her. They soon fell in love and when they married, Naiya had become an angel like Lakin. No one knew why? That was the first ever time a angel had fallen in love with a mortal, married that mortal, who became an angel soon afterwards. But Eron knew that wasn't all of the story there was a part that his parents were not telling him or Frey about.

"Hn" was all Lakin said storming back into his house, he knew better than to argue with his wife. And just remembering he was a foolish as his son for falling for a mortal so he had no word in what was going on. Frey on the other had was out raged. Here he thought was the perfect chance to have his brother get his wings clipped so he wouldn't be able to fly anymore and to never see that girl again. But no! His hopes were shattered when his parents praised him about his new found love.

Well he would just have to try harder to ruin his baby brothers' life. No matter what it took he would do it. Before anyone knew it, Frey had taken off. Not one knew where he was going.