Today, I face the sun again.

Oh hateful day! Why did you come again?

To pull me from my dreams, and take my happiness with the dark. For it is only when the darkness wraps around me.

I can be fully lost in my dreams with you.

For when not in dreams, my life have no true purpose on this earth that I know of.

The darkness is my friend but coming after the begining of the day.

I want this to stop, to go on forever.

I hate these feelings that will not lessen but grow stronger every day.

Oh to simply tell him "I love you" and to have the words returned would be pure bliss.

But alas! He knows not how I long to tell him, thus, I walk my weary way.

I want to tell him, want to keep it only in my heart.

All I can do is wait for the darkness to come.