Chapter 1:

"Shocker Visitors"

I saw her again. It was just a normal day. My sister had invited her over; I think it was a sleepover. I don't know and I don't care. I just settled down on the couch, turned on the TV and flipped through channels.

She had ignored me when she was greeted into my house. The two giggly girls soon took over the couch.

I groaned. They always do this. I sighed. Can't they just let me have some time to the television and myself?

I overhear them gossiping about considering whether to invite more of their little friends over.

I sigh in disgust and annoyance.

"What's wrong with your brother?" She whispered. I wasn't sure if it was purposely supposed to be loud, but I heard it clearly. I act like I don't hear it and shuffle over to the edge of the couch. I didn't feel like being near my sister right then.

"He's always like that, Lauren." She answered back, in her normal (might I add, snotty) voice.

Her friend laughed. "Okay. So… Is he gonna be there all day? He's not even paying attention to the…" she paused. "Stupid show he's watching." She finished. She was correct. I wasn't really focusing on the show; I was eavesdropping on them. I guess I looked sort of entranced. I finally directed my eyes toward the television. I mentally dropped my jaw. A BARBIE SHOW?! WHAT THE HELL?!

I must've grunted because "Lauren" diverted her gaze toward me. Can't I atleast grunt in peace?

I was about to smirk at her, but something told me not to…or, rather someone. I was not a boy to be shy.

"Hello." I spoke to Lauren in a casual voice.

"Hey." She responded softly.

Shock. She truly acknowledged me for what seemed to be the…huge number of times she has been in this house. Shock.

"What's your name?" She asked with ease in her voice.

"Brite." I replied swiftly. I looked at her while picturing the next scene that would come, in my head:

"Brite?" She tried to stifle a laugh. Yeah, tried. "Like…The sun is bright?" She began to giggle uncontrollably and my sister gave her a look, but was soon too in giggles.

I was a bit…Incredulous toward my sister, because she was already used to my "hilarious" name.

"Lizzie! You never," Giggle. "Told me that," Giggle. "YOUR BROTHER'S NAME IS Brite." She didn't contain herself any longer. She grabbed onto my sister and—

"That's nice. My name's Lauren." She said calmly, her voice gentle.

I gave her a quick smile and stood up, wondering. Why didn't she take it as hilarious?

"Lizzie…" I mumbled. "Don't take too long. I want my TV back." I honestly couldn't care less about the television. Lauren clouded my mind. But, I soon shook it off as I shoved my hands into my blue jeans and walked out of there.

As soon as I left, the room was buzzed with the pair's voices while the TV was turned off.

I leaned against the wall behind the living room, listening.

"Don't mind my idiot brother." Lizzie told Lauren.

"Nah. He's okay."

"What are you smiling for?" I could feel that Lizzie had a bewildered face on. "He's a bum!" She pointed out.

"You're just saying that 'cause he's your brother. All siblings are like that." Lauren countered nicely.

"Whatever, Lor'. Anyway, did you see Jake Michaels? He is a total hottie!" I heard my sister squeal.

I left smirking. Though, I don't know why this smirk was so different from my many others. I knew that a part of me was smirking because of Lauren's defense for me and I just hated that part of me. I was smirking because I confirmed (not like I didn't figure it out before) that my younger sister was such a…girly girl? Yeah. I guess that's what you could call her. Yeah. Normal.

I walked another route to my kitchen, instead of usually going through the living room; I went through the main hallway that could lead you to the front door, stairs, dining room, living room, and or kitchen. I arrived to my short destination and saw my reflection in the sliding glass door leading to our backyard.

I wasn't one to be admiring my looks, but I was only checking if my attire was appropriate for what I was to do today. I was wearing a black t-shirt and blue jeans. I was hesitating whether to add my navy blue hoodie to myself or not. I wasn't sure. I seemed to have a habit of wearing my hood, which covered my new hairstyles that I created; black hair that curved toward the front of my face (covering a fraction of my black eyes) connecting back from one view, but it grazed my face on another side. No, it was not a Mohawk.

"Checking yourself out, are ya?" Asked a laughing voice.

I turned around and smirked. "Tony, hey man!" I walked toward him and we did our own handshake. "How'd you get in here? I didn't hear a bell." I asked him.

"I climbed a window." He told me.

I gave him my laughing smile and he told me the truth.

"Fine, fine. Your glass door was open. I jumped the back." He grinned at me. "Anyway. All ready to go today?" I nodded and he looked at my clothes. "You're a spitting mirror image of me. You're so gay!" He yelled at me jokingly.

"You color blind twit. I'm wearing a black t-shirt and you're wearing a white one." I pointed to our shirts and went on to our pants. "Bleached blue jeans with some green spots while I have regular blue jeans." I explained to him like he was a kid.

"You bas-" I cut Tony off.

"Hey." I said to the enterer.

"Hi, Brite. Hi…?" Lauren acknowledged me and stopped unsure with curiosity and gentleness toward Tony. "I'm Lauren." She offered.

"Tony." He answered sharply.

There was an awkward silence before I decided to become polite.

"Need anything?" I gave her a soft smile.

"Mmm…Yes?" She sounded unsure of herself, like she wasn't asking me or Tony, but herself. "Oh, yes, yes. Liz' told me to get any refreshments I needed. And I know where they are as I have been here many times before." She recovered with an innocent smile.

Lauren seemed so mature, unlike the most of Lizzie's friends. She looked a bit older because of the exotic yet simple elegance that her hair contained; brown streaked with black and electric blue with one short ponytail for the back upper layer of her hair and her front was uneven with style. She had completely black bangs covering her left…green eye and the right side was wide open revealing her gray eye and that part was a beautiful brown streaked with mixes of black and a very bright blue. Wait, she has bi-colored eyes? Whatever…Might be contacts. Her eyes are so bright…It stands out so much. Entrancing. Her lips were a soft, light pink and her figure…It wasn't bad. She must be twelve or thirteen…So, Lizzie just turned twelve a month ago and twelve to thirteen seems most accurate. She looks about five' two. Lizzie was shorter by a few inches. Not bad. I smiled. Yes, the most surprising girl in Lizzie's friends.

I glanced at Tony. Wow, porno freak. He was, too, staring at Lauren while she opened the fridge. What, did he take a sudden interest in younger girls? We're both almost sixteen! Oh, yeah…"Sweet" sixteen people call it. Isn't that the main subject of my day, today? Justine's sweet sixteen! Tony, say something! C'mon, Tony! Wait, I can say something…

I cleared my throat and cocked my head toward the glass door that Tony had gained entrance from. "Tony, we gotta go." I reminded him.

He nodded obediently and I laughed out loud to make Tony stare at me with a questioning look and Lauren to drop the Coco Cola soda can she was holding onto the floor.

I calmly directed her. "You better let that one sit in the sink for a bit or open it there slowly and cover your shirt and shorts, just in case."

"Whatever, boy." Lauren ignored my comment and followed her own rules. "I mean…Okay. Thanks, sorry." She gave me a quick smile and left the dropped can in the sink and exited with two new Coke cans in hand.

I watched her leave and made sure of it. "She's just a kid, Tony. Don't be such a molester." I smirked at him to find him punch me on the shoulder.

We walked toward the glass door and opened it. Tony walked ahead of me and I slid it shut and locked
it just in time.

I arrived home through the front door, alone, around dinner. I was picking through my keys when Lauren coincidentally opened the door and walked right into me, causing me to fall on my butt and her about to fall atop me with her palms pressing against my chest and my arms right on her stomach, pushing her upwards.

Lauren muttered a sorry and ran off onto the street.

I shrugged it off and patted myself off before entering my house.

Lizzie was the first one to "greet" me.

She stood with her hands on her hips and her blonde hair was (messily, might I add) tied with…What are those sticks in her hair; chopsticks? Her bluish black eyes staring straight at me.

"What happened to Laura?" She demanded.

"I just got here, how do you expect me to know, stupid?" I stressed stupid.

"Shut up, you, retard. I guess she went to her house to get some clothes. She's staying for the weekend, so don't-," She stopped to glare at me, warningly. "-Bug her when she comes back! Got that, ugly?"

I gave her one of my cool, sarcastic disbelieving snorts. "Whatever." I waved her off and slightly pushed her, walking toward the stairs, up to my bedroom.

I lay on my bed with the same clothes on. I let out a sigh of relief. "This bed is so nice." I spoke aloud, mainly to no one. It's dark in my room. I like how my walls are a dark navy blue to lead my options to the nice darkness. My thoughts were interrupted.

Someone was knocking on the door and exposing my room to light.

I turned to face the wall. "Go away, Lizzie, you fat-"

A soft laugh, one that I was not familiar with, greeted my warning. "Hey, Brite."

Lauren. She had real courage to visit my room. She stepped in and shut the door, leaning against my brown polished wood door.

"Sorry 'bout earlier." She apologized.

"No problem." I replied, blinking and staring at the wall.

"So, this your room?" She asked rhetorically.

I didn't answer her and gave a quick nod that she wouldn't be able to see. I don't know how or why, but I knew she was smiling, and secretly smirking.

"Hm…" She droned softly. I could tell she was approaching me or if not, coming closer.

I turned around to find her just about a foot away from me. She was propped on her knees with her elbows at the edge of my bed, head resting. She gave me a small smile.

"You're unusual." She began. Boy, I wasn't aware of what was going to happen after.

"You know…" She climbed onto my bed on all fours, her sparkling eyes daring and smile gracing her face. "I can comprehend your annoyance with Liz'."

I stared at her, a bit quizzically. "Why do you give my sister such a mature title?"

"Nicknames are short names for names." She stated the obvious.

"I know that." I didn't mean to, but it came out rather aggressively and harshly. She wasn't offended or anything. But, her smile faded and she had a curious look to her while tilting her head and staring at me with bi-colored entrancing eyes. She leant forward while her eyes slowly closed, lips slightly puckered.

I stared at her intently. Surely, she didn't want to kiss a person who was about three to four years old than her? What's up with this girl? I awaited the touch of her lips, but met her colorful hair. What?

Hm, she has fallen asleep. I inhaled and smelled faint vanilla.

My hands were in the air while my face was unmoving, afraid to move my cheek because she'd wake up. Her left cheek is practically lying on mine; the only thing that separates us is her hair.

I dragged my hands toward the air around her head and tried to support it and place it on my pillow. I breathe in and out softly and successfully transport her head to the pillow. I carefully get off my bed and go to my computer chair and sink into it. I raise my white ankle socked feet to my desk and turn around, silently, to gaze at the sleeping figure resting on my bed. She's so…My thoughts were incomplete from the past moments.

I reviewed it in my head. So, that mean's she has feelings for me? What would that little fart, Lizzie, think? I imagined the scene that would come, sooner or later:

"EW! GROSS! IMPOSSIBLE! LAUREN!" Lizzie shrieked to her friend. "That's outrageous!" She practically screamed, horrified.

Lauren shrugged. (Wait…Lauren wouldn't shrug.) Lauren gave her a simple glance and sighed. "You can't understand, Liz'." (What the heck is up with me? I don't get her. I don't.)

Lizzie switched to another subject. "We'll talk more about that later. Where were you? I thought you left to go to your house. How'd you get back in so secretly? Huh, huh?" Lizzie asked in a demanding, and yet somehow, (I shiver.) motherly tone.

Lauren shook her head. "I was…"

"What are you thinking about, Brite?"

Huh? Whose voice is that? I was snapped back to reality. It was Lauren.

I stood up and walked toward her. "I thought you were asleep." Why am I speaking to her like this in such a soft, caring voice? I just truly met her today. I sat on the bed, my hands on my angled legs, watching her.

"I was…Kind of. I was sort of watching you…" She said softly with a blush that I could recognize, even in the dark. She now sat up in a laying position, her elbow bent as if she was deciding whether to lie back down again.

I was silent.

"Yeah…Sorry, again, about that little kiss incident…I just didn't know how to transact into a sleeping form." She smiled a secret smile that she thought I didn't see and looked at the end of the bed.

"Doesn't matter. It's all good." I responded coolly.

She lifted herself off my bed and walked over to my desk, comfortably. She, acting as if she lived here, slid into my chair and crossed her legs.

"So, Etirb…" She quietly said. "What's up?"

I raised my brow, questioningly. "Eater-buh?" I asked. "What, Lauren?"

She let out a soft, feminine laugh and spelled aloud, "E-T-I-R-B. Your name spelled backwards. I pronounce it as E-ter-buh." She grinned.

I nodded, allowing this little nickname. "Well, Lizzie's probably waiting since she knew you left." I told her.

I stood up and walked toward my door and opened it while holding it gentlemanly, signaling her to leave my room.

She walked over to me, leaned her head up, and stared me in the eyes. I am about…Five feet and eight inches or so, I'm not sure if it's exactly accurate. I honestly, don't know, but I was some inches taller than her.

She placed her hand over mine and pushed the door closed with her shoulder. I moved with her. I can't figure out what she's doing.

"I don't know what you're doing."

"What happens if I don't want to leave?" She whispered so softly that I had to strain my ears to hear her. She leaned into me and rested the side of her head on my chest and slid her palms on both sides of her head. I didn't dare to move and I released my hand from the knob.

"I just want to be with you…" She murmured. Was she crying? Why's she crying? My shirt feels a bit damp now. I say nothing and she openly sobs, but quietly.

I don't know why she's crying and I don't like it. I-not knowing why-stride my hands to her waist and slightly hug her. I'm just not sure what to do in this situation. Sure, there were times when I was a kid and younger girls cried (after all, Lizzie is a cry baby) for stupid, foolish reasons, but this was different. This was…real.

I used my hands and brought her wet chin up to look at me. Her face was tear stained and so sad. Why, what's up with her? We just met today and we just first became "friends" or more like, acquaintances, today. She shouldn't like me that quickly, or is it…Love at countless sight? Or…The first real love at first sight? I'm not that experienced. I only had some middle school "boyfriend and girlfriend" type things where you weren't actually truly being a boyfriend and girlfriend. Only holding hands and maybe a few kisses (or complete make-out sessions) and movies, no real dates and passion. Did I go to dances? Yes, with friends of girls and guys. I had been asked by a few girls, and I accepted most of them, unless too many girls had asked me to go to the same dance, then I would reject all, but one. The decisions weren't that hard at most times.

If I kiss her…Will it make it all better? Somehow, she gets the message and leans up on her tippy-toes and I bend my head forward as she brings her hands up to my face and I move mine around her waist. I inhaled her scent while she closes her eyes. Our lips are so close…Her breath is on my lips. I lick them in anticipation and…


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