I had to write this for an English paper in seventh grade. I don't own the original "how the leopards got their spots"but I did write this one along with a friend of mine. I also don't own Plue. He's from Rave Master. Other than that the rest of the characters are mine.

Hello! My name is Barbara and yes, I am a guy. To add to that, I can change people into fruits, and so don't make fun of me or I'll turn you into a mango. Anyway, here I am today to tell you about how the leopards got their spots. It started with a bunch of people who call themselves The PETA People, some mud, and an a god with problems controlling his anger. And of course, I, Barbara VonViggendark, have nothing to do with this story, but do not question me. It is my story to tell and I am going to tell it. So please, be quite and listen.

At one time, many years ago, the leopards didn't have spots. They had beautiful silky coats and were very proud of them. However the PETA People thought differently. The PETA People looked just like people but they were extremely short.

They were lead by Master Plue. No one was quite sure what Master Plue was. Some say he was a snowman, others a dog or an insect or even a fish. His head was round, as was his body, and his arms and legs were short and stubby.

Master Plue was even shorter than his band of PETA People, and he couldn't speak Shporgan, the language of the land where they lived, all he could say was "Puun".So everywhere Master Plue went, his translator, Nathan, came too. But one thing was for sure. He and the PETA thought the leopards coats were boring and they were going to do something about it. So Master Plue lead the PETA People to the great god, Girgenti.

Master Plue crawled up the ladder to the cloud on which Girgenti lived, followed by the PETA People and Master Plue's translator. When they reached the top, they bowed to Girgenti and then stood up, facing him.

"Why have you come?" Girgenti asked. His voice was deep and it scared the PETA People slightly.

"Puunn pun puun puu pun." Master Plue said shyly.

"We have come hence to ask a favor of you." Nathan translated.

"And that would be...?" Girgenti replied.

Master Plue began to speak rapidly. Then Nathan translated.

"My people and myself are tired of how boring the leopards look. Their coats are one color and one only. They have no spots or strips or even hints of another color. The leopards seem so proud of them but I really don't think there's anything to be proud of."

"What would you like me to do about it?"

"Well, just thought," Nathan translated, doing the best he could to mimic the shy, held back, nervous tone Master Plue used when he spoke. "that you could, maybe well, make them look different."

"And how would you like me to do that?"

"Umm, possibly make them maybe green or give them bright purple spots. I don't know."

"Well you know what I think?" Girgenti asked, menacingly.


"I don't! Ha! Now leave me alone. I'm sure you have better things to do then waste my time with such unimportance."

As Nathan translated that for Plue, Plue hung his head low and beckoned for the PETA People to follow him. They descended the steps back to the ground.

"Don't give up Master Plue." Nathan said sorrowfully.

"I won't." Plue assured them all, although Nathan was the only one to understand it.

So the next day Plue, the PETA People, and of corse, Nathan, went back to Girgenti. He...

"Barbara, honey! What would you like for dinner dear?!"

"Um..I don't care mom, I'm kinda busy here."

"Oh sorry sweetie. Hi everyone!"



Anyway, Girgenti wasn't too happy to see them again.

"What now!" he complained angrily.

"We want you to change the way the leopards look." Nathan said forcibly, without even needing Plue to give him something to say.

"I told you, I refuse to do anything to the leopards. If they want something to be changed about them, they can come to me. But since they haven't, why should I do something to them that they may not want, just to make you happy?" Girgenti was becoming belligerent now. He got up of his throne, his face turning red with anger and walked right up to Master Plue.
"I am not going to do anything about this, not now not EVER!" Girgenti yelled and stormed back to his throne. "Now LEAVE!"

They did, and quickly.

But a raging Grigenti wouldn't stop them. Not now, not ever.

So the next day guess what they did. You got it. They went back to Grigenti.

"Back again?" Grigenti asked.

"You got it" Nathan said. He had no need to translate for Plue anymore. He took what to say into his own hands.

"What are we going to do with you?" Girgenti said in disbelief. He was positive he had scared them away for good.

"Your gonna do something about the leopards like we want, or put up with us coming to annoy you ever day."

"When will the little minds you have, conceive that I'm not going to do anything?"

"Not anytime soon." Nathan said positively

"Do you really want to know what I think of these leopards you keep complaining about?!"

And with that, Girgenti lead the congregation down the stairs to the ground and out to the watering hole where the leopards were drinking. He crept around to the opposite shore and gathered up some mud. He put the mud in a sack he just happened to have in his pocket and crept back to the oblivious victims.

Girgenti stood quietly behind a rock, about five feet behind the leopards. Nathan, Plue, and the PETA People had just enough time to blink before he started throwing small amounts of mud at the leopards. They just turned around and blinked at Girgenti. That gave Girgenti an opportunity to hit one in the nose. Nathan and his companions just stood there in awe and watched.

Girgenti thought he was doing something horrible. He thought it would make sure he would never see Master Plue, Nathan, or the PETA People ever again. He was right in thinking he would never see them again, but that was only because he had just done exactly what they had wanted him to do, change the way the leopards looked.

Now your probably thinking, why couldn't the leopards just jump into the water and wash the mud off. Well, they could, but it wouldn't work. For some reason or another, the mud never washed off. It stayed there forever, and no one could figure out why. Maybe it was Plue and Natans' determination, or maybe just that leopards were meant to have spots, wether Girgenti liked it or not. Either way, that is how the leopards got their spots.

"Barbara! Dinners ready!"

" 'K coming."

Well I hope you enjoyed my story. If you ever want to hear another one, come visit me, I've got plenty. Got to go eat dinner. All that story telling made me hungry!

"Ewww string beans and cabbage!"

"Well I asked you what you wanted and you said you didn't care."

"But mom, you know I don't like string beans and cabbage!"

"But you said you didn't care what you had so I made you what I wanted, now eat!"

"Yes mom."