I looked at my reflection God , I thought ,I want to shave it off. My eyes glared at the brown locks that were only waves at the moment. I closed my eyes.

She had short bright purple hair, dark brown (brownie) eyes, and light brown skin. She stood in all her beauty, her stripped kneehigh socks, a jean tutu, a barf green jersey and a hook earring in her right earlop on the outside. She smiled.

-I dried my face and got dressed thinking I´ll tell her to cut some of my hair and that I´d like to call her Mama from now on. I headed out of the bathroom in direction of my room. As I walked in to my room my hand searched for the lightswitch.

„ Ja, du hast rechts" I hear her say. I guess it will ahve to wait till later. She was on the phone again. I sat down at my desk and started shuffling papers as I hear Thomas scream „ Mama, MAMA?!"

„Sie ist am Telephone." I scremaed back.

„Das macht nichts!" he yelled back. „MAMA!"

„Ja" she said. They continued their conversation as she came down from her room. I followed her downstairs and asked her if she could cut my hair later.

„Yeah", she siad distractedly. or course she would.. why wouldn´t she? I set the table as she made us something to eat. I wasn´t hungry. I headed back up to my roomand started reading „Das Attentat!" underlining unknown words.

„JESSICA!?" yelled Lukas and Thomas one after another.

„Ja.." I answered.

„Essen ist vertich."

„Okay.." I said GREAT just when I was comfprtable and NOT hungry.

I sat down at the table. Noodles, white sauce, chicken and spices, the brocoli arrives with Mama.

„ Alle guten gaben, kommen Herr von dir, was wir sind und haben, dafür danken wir dir, Amen" we all said, held hands, „Guten Appetite!"

We started to eat. I ate even though I wasn´t hungry, just to please her. Then it started..

„When you leave the window open in the bathroom please close the door", said Thomas, „cause all the heat goes out."

„Okay.. I know." I answered.

„ Why didn´t you not do it if you knew" said Lukas.

„Cause I´m not the only one who does it."

„ I didn´t do it, I´m too small."

„Who said I meant you! „ I had finished eating and got up.

„Darfe ich aufstehen?" I asked her

„Ja" said Mama

I left and climber the stairs to my room, shut the door and put my Evanescence CD and took my notebook out.

-I kept seeeing her face. Her legs moved. She was moving. „No, Don´t go" I wanted to scream but as I tried to reach out to her I couldn´t see my hand.. she kept moving.. everything zoomed out and all i could see what her shape.