This story starts off in Tokyo.

Naomi is a 15 year old girl with three best friends, Mihoshi, Nazuna, and Mayu. She is a blond haired girl, with strangely, very bright green eyes. If you are wondering why that is, the story will explain later on.

Th bell rang. School was done for the day.

"Hey Naomi!" Nazuna called. "We're going to the mall, you wanna come?"

"Nah, I've got a ton of stuff to do." She answered.

"Suit yourself." Mihoshi said.

"You'll miss out on all th fun." Mayu was trying to get Naomi to come.

"I said no."

"Okay, bye." Nazuna said.

She went home. She didn't live in a very great house. She lived with her aunt and oncle because her parents had died when she was young.

"I'm home!" Naomi called.

Nobody answered.


She walked into the kitchen slowly. She was a little bit frightened.


"AAH!" Naomi screamed as she jumped.

She turned around and saw her cat.

"Oh, Keko it's just you." She said as she was breathing very heavily. "Where's Aunt Rin and Uncle Muso?"

Keko went up to the fridge door. Naomi saw a note on the fridge door. It said,

Dear Naomi,

Aunt Rin and I went out for a while. We had to run some errands. Please take care of yourself and don't go in the attic. I know we've told you that about a thousand times, but we're just reminding you.

Sincerely, Uncle Muso.

P.S. Don't forget to feed Keko.

"They've gone out. Hey! Maybe if I do my homework quick enough, I can head down to the mall!" Naomi thaught.

She looked at Keko and then poored cat food in her dish. Keko sniffed her dish and ate the food. Naomi poured her a dish of milk. Keko started to drink that.

Naomi went up to her room and started her homework.