"AW!" Naomi screamed. "What does this mean!?"

Keko walked into the room.

"Oh hi Keko, can you help me with my math?"


"Ha ha ha!" Naomi laughed. "I guess I can just bring this work to the mall and ask my friends for help."

So she went to the mall. She was sitting at the table next to the food court. She was drinking a soda.

"Hi Naomi." Mayu said as she walked up to Naomi.

"Oh hi." Naomi said.

"So I guess you finally decided to show up!" Nazuna laughed.

"Uh yeah. I was wondering if you could help me this." Naomi said.

"Let me see." Mihoshi said.

Mihoshi explained it to her. She was the smartest of the friends.

"Thanks so much!" Naomi exclaimed. "I get it now!"

A boy about Naomi's age with long blue hair passed by their table. He walked into a video game store. Naomi noticed him. She thought he had been acting strange.

"I have to go." Naomi said.

"Why?" Mayu asked.

"Uh uh….I just have to go." She mumbled.

She went into the video game store.

"Think it has something to do with that guy?" Nazuna asked the other friends.

Naomi was in the store. She saw the boy walk out.

"Wait!" Naomi screamed.

The boy looked back, but didn't seem to notice her.

Naomi walked out of the store.

"Hey Naomi! Wait up!" Nazuna yelled. "Where are you going?"

"I'm leaving, I have something to do." Naomi replied.


"Oh yeah, thanks again for helping me!"

She ran out the mall door. It was pouring rain outside. She saw the boy riding his bike home. She started to chase him.

"Why am I following him? It's not like he did anything wrong." Naomi thought.

The boy stopped at an appartment. Naomi followed him up to the room he lived in. She knocked on the door. The boy opened it. He was taller than her. He looked down.

"You followed me here. Why?" he asked.

"Well, I haven't seen you at school lately. So I wanted to know if anything was wrong." She replied.

"Why is it any of your concern?"

"Well umm…" she mumbled.

"Just come in." he let her in.

They were sitting at his couching drinking soda.

"I didn't catch your name." Naomi said.


"Hi Ryu, I'm Naomi." She greeted. "I saw you in the video game store, what were you getting?"

He picked up a computer game. "War lands 2: When Demons Attack"

"Hey isn't that that virtual reality game?" she asked.

"Yes. Yes it is." Ryu said seeing somewhat sad.

"Why are you so down?" Naomi asked.

"My parents are gone because of this game!" Ryu screamed.

Tears dropped from his eyes.

"He's crying." Naomi thought. "What do you mean?"

"They got taken into the game and never came back!"

"You don't where virtual helmets?" Naomi asked.

"No, it's the most realistic video game ever created."

"Can I try?" she asked.

"You sure your up to it?"

She nodded.

There you have chaper two!