Program: Log Files>

Classification Codes Level: High>

Status: Open>

Overview :

Logs are kept by Special Unit trainees.

All Charges must keep a record of their progress at our facilities

All records MUST be true and in detail

Failure to Comply will result in Punishment as seen fit by advisor>

Log Selected: 13>

Access Granted>

Entry Number: 1>

Entry 1:

I guess I could do that. Keep a record, I mean I've kept a diary all my life so how much different could it be? So right now, I've been handed a laptop on this big comfy but very empty bus. Empty as in it's just me and Agents Banning and Suite.-I feel like I should be referring to them as Thing 1 and 2 though. I mean these guys even use the washroom together. Though I'm hoping they don't share urinals. - Anyways so they hand me a laptop and tell me to start typing. Telling the beginning of my story… though I'm not sure who would read it I mean my life is pretty boring…or was anyways…

So it really all started last week. When they called me down to Mr. Young's office. –which is pretty funny actually because Mr. Young is probably the oldest person still working in our school district. The guy is ancient! – With the way the secretary was looking at me I thought it had finally caught up with me. My cheating I mean. See I've got these really good eyes –more on that later- and my last name comes right in between two of the smartest kids in the school, John Rambler and Samantha Quinel. So the answers are always right there. Who wouldn't cheat? Goody-goody nut jobs like John and Samantha that's who. So by the time opened the door I was a little nervous. I mean I wasn't really looking forward to being expelled.

"Miss Rail, in here please" Pleasssse let those 8th grade drama classes pay off I prayed and flashed my best 'what-can-I-do-for-extra-credit-sir?' smile. I followed him inside the office; please let this be congratulations on getting a scholarship or something! Please! I thought frantically straightening in blue striped polo shirt. So there I was, all prepared to defend my non-existent innocence, when I saw something that really threw me.

Standing in the middle of Mr. Young's office were two of the hugest scariest looking guys I'd ever seen. They seem to have the same stylist as the Men in Black, with their too shiny shoes and black business attire. They had it down to the curly communicator cords behind their ears. My voice shook,

"Who are these people Mr. Y?"

"Well Rail…." Started Mr. Young slowly, closing the door with a heavy metallic click. "these men are Agent Suite and Banning they are here from thee uh… what was that again?" he asked as he placed a hot hand on the small of my back to steer me to one of the three rigid wooden chairs in front of his mahogany desk.

"The National Bureau of Paranormal Activity, The NBPA if you wish" said Agent Banning. He had a deep gravely voice that made me flinch ever so slightly. Oh my god, I thought, they really DO think they're the Men in Black! He reached down and picked up a slim file off Mr. Young's desk. It was marked with my name. My FULL name. Agent Banning stared at the name tag a moment, then at me. Agent Banning leaned over his partner's shoulder to read it as I squirmed in my seat.

"You've got to be kidding me"

Now you're wondering what the hell is wrong with the name tag, well I'll tell you there is nothing wrong with the name tag.

"Paradise Sky Rail?"

It's my name that's the problem.

Agent Suite stood their chuckling, Rubbing his chin with a sliver of a smile above his blonde stubble.

What kind of cruel people name their first-born Paradise Sky? Who?!

My parents apparently –

Freaking Hippies!

"I go by Rail and Rail alone thank you." I grumbled my cheeks and ears on fire.

"Alright then, Rail" said Banning in an indifferent tone. He turned sharply and I watched his brunette buzz-cut head march across the room. He turned around and fished a small matchbox out of his jacket pocket. He held it up by the window – it was mid-afternoon and as it's the end of spring the sun was streaming in. – "Could you read this for me please?"

Why did two government-y type agents come to give me an eye exam? I wondered vaguely as I rattled off the hotel address printed on the back of the matchbox. Which was printed in cheap smudgy ink. Across the room. Looking into the sun. Without squinting. I looked back at Principal Young, who was staring at me slack-jawed.

What?! Seriously! What did I do?!

Agent Suite heaved a loud sigh.

"That settles it" he said rubbing his chin stubble. –He does that a lot-

"Settles what exactly?" I demanded standing up from my chair. -Perhaps I should point this out now. I am a bit of an uptight person. I'm quite moody actually but if there is one thing I hate it's being kept out of a conversation like some little kid who couldn't possibly begin to understand what the big insightful and much smarter adults are talking about! Okay anyways,-

Agent Suite took a step further into my vision – which, although my eyes are set like a normal person's, is unusually wide –

"Rail, Allow me to be perfectly blunt," He paused and glanced at his partner questioningly, "Actually perhaps Agent Banning should tell you, he so much better at being blunt…." Agent Banning rolled his dark dark eyes.

"Thank you Agent Suite, your so kind" he muttered and coughed pointedly. Banning gave a small sigh and surveyed me carefully. "Rail, the fact that you could read that matchbox, do you have any idea what that means?" I stared at him blankly,

"I have 20/20 vision. Yay for me?" I said sarcastically. "Could we cut to the chase here?" Agent Banning sighed heavily,

"Not another one…" he groaned. Agent Suite gave a small apologetic smile.

"What my partner is leading up to is that the National Bureau of Paranormal Activity researches and moniters not only paranormal activity but also individuals who possess abilities beyond the human spectrum."

"Wait wait wait, rewind and freeze!" I cut in, "Are you suggestion that my good eyesight is…is…. Paranormal?!"

"It's not just you eyes Rail," explained Suite, "it's your ears, your touch, your taste, your sense of smell. It's your superb awareness of everything around you. The doctor who first found you nicknamed them 'Super Senses'" Agent Suite cracked a little smile. Probably because my jaw was on the floor. I had always just thought my friends were on the slow and dumb side. I glanced up to his eyes.

"Even my taste?" He smirked and chuckled softly,

"Right down to you reaction time sweetheart."

Then he and Agent Banning told me about this place. For kids like me, to learn, to put our abilities to good use.

So I said 'sounds cool'

So here I am.

A/N: Hola... this is the start of Log 13 do you like it? It's kinda X-men/ DarkVisions by L.J. Smith inspried cuz I like that sortta stuff but is all original material so don't be stupid... yeah, Reveiw PLZ!

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