The bus pulled to a squeaky, jolting halt and Rail carefully closed her little laptop, satisfied with her first entry. She stared down at it with a little smile on her lips. The new toy had been her main incentive to come to this crazy place, that and the concept of a break from dealing with her parents. She ran her fingers across the sleek white plastic that housed her data. A little trill ran up her spine at the thought of their promise of wireless at the 'base'. Unbeknownced to here old friends back home Rail's prim and proper exterior housed a techno geek soul. And the thought for new technology and gadgets was like a dream come true to her. And with her hippy dippy, flower child parents it was a hard dream to make a reality. Her parents were hesitant to buy so much as a microwave for fear the influence of modern conveniences would spoil their karma. That and the radiation poisoning. She pulled her bare feet out from under her. Taking a moment to admire her new home pedicure; she'd chosen a pale petal pink. Then she slipped her feet back into her patent red leather kitten heels that lay on the bus floor. Then crawling from her comfy bucket seat she stepped over the aisle to lean on a seat at the side of the bus and peer out the tinted windows.

They were stopped at a tall metal gate. Agent Suite had stepped outside and was speaking with the gate guard. Banning sat beside the driver; stock still aside from his fingers. He was nearly punching holes in his laptop keyboard. As if his computer had personally wronged him. Rail turned her eyes back to Suite outside and did a double take. Agent Suite was bent over staring into a black box by the gate. A black box with large clamps holding on to his head in a tight grip.

"Standard retinal scan" said Banning gravely voice. He stopped typing and snapped his laptop shut. Turning to face Rail, "You'll get used to it". Rail nodded slowly and looked back out the window to watch intently as the clamps lift away from Agent Suite's head and retreat back to their box. Suite then strided confidently back on to the bus as the metals gates swung open.

"And we're off!" said the agent with a grin as he walked down the aisle and sat down next to Rail. The Bus jerked back to life and rolled down the red gravel path. Suite laced his fingers behind his head and leaned back in his chair. "So are you excited?" Still thinking about the retinal scan clamps, Rail's brain froze.

"Excited about what?" Rail blinked her eyes repeatedly, trying to shake off her nagging geeky thoughts. Her voice lingering in day dreamy tones. Agent Suite glanced up at her dazed expression and laughed heartily.

"About what? How about the little thing about starting a new life is a boarding school for super powered kids?" Rail blushed the color of her kitten heels.

"It's exciting I guess…" said Rail, her voice nearing on a whisper. She stared down at the cuff of her jeans. Her telescope eyes zooming in on each individual stitch along the hem.

"Nervous?" Rail pried her big eyes from her jeans to look the agent in the eyes evenly.

"Nope" She said, careful not to flinch under Suite's steady gaze. She was freaking out inside and she's spend probably an hour more than usual getting ready that morning. So much so that agents Suite and Banning and the Bus Driver, Murray, had to sit for half and hour in the Rail family's living room while her mother tried to force feed them herbal tea and a 100 organic cookies. But despite the fact her insides where playing cat's cradle with her guts she looked picture perfect on the outside. She's straightened her long brown hair and styled it in the sleek shiny way she liked. Her new Sevens jeans where spotless, the collar of her blazer was ironed flat and her shoes were gleaming.

Really her prep school perfect look was all that was holding her together.

"Liar" Hearing his response Rail's eyes whipped back to agent Suite.

"What is that supposed to mean" she snapped. The harshness of her voice going up checked a revealing her lie in a way that made her stomach turn. The agent smirked knowingly.

"You're panicking inside." He turned his eye back to the front of the bus, "Don't bother lying around here. It may have worked for you at your old school but your new superiors are all government agents with extensive training in reading body language" Rail paled a little and scowled at him…

"Damn…." Suite laughed.

Finally the bus rolled to a stop and the door swung open. Murray shouted back from the front of the bus.

"Here's your stop" Agent Suite and Banning left the bus and started to unload Rail's things. Slowly she gathered up her things sliding her laptop into its carrying case and slinging her teeny tiny Louis Vuitton purse over her shoulder. She headed down the aisle to the doors of the bus. She gave Murray a nod and a shaky smile. Murray smiled warmly back; he had a wide smile and made her dark eyes crinkle up into tiny wrinkle lined slits. "Welcome to you new home Princess."

Murray's soft fatherly voice gave Rail a little shot of hope as she strided off the bus.

But upon seeing her 'new home' any drop of hope fled her body and her stomach dropped down to her toes. The land outside the road was just as dusty and dry as the ugly gravel road and her 'home' wasn't a house so much as it was a huge plain gray box with rectangular windows and doors. Everything about it screamed of Area 51. She crossed her fingers that gripped the handle of her laptop case. Praying that she wasn't about to be locked up to be some middle aged mens' new science project.

The agents were hauling her suitcases out of the setting them on the red desert road. Kicking up dust that swirled in the breeze and settled on her luggage. A little shiver ran down Rails spine at the though of her neatly folded shirts and clean cardigans covered in red chalky dust, despite the fact they were well protected by canvas, plastic and zippers. She bit her lip to resist the urge to rush over and save her things from the evil crimson film. She shifted her eyes from the Agents and her bags to look back up at the gray stack of Lego blocks that was about to become her world. Her heart sped up a little and she gripped the strap of her laptop's carrying case, her newly manicured nails cutting deep marks into her palm.

Rail shut her eyes for a moment and wished with all her heart that her red leather kitten heels where ruby slippers instead. So she could click her heels and go home….

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