Sword of the Earth,

Here you stand,

Trembling towards heaven,

Unyielding to humanity.

Where has Pendragon gone?

You once where by his side,

Through battle and glory,

Together you journeyed.

A world united,

Beneath your hilt,

His guiding hands,

Together slashing through the perilous dark.

To the fields of Avalon,

Gates of immortality,

You opened,

Yet why did you not go with the Pendragon?

Why does the Lady hid you here,

Of all unholy places to hide a sacred being,

Where would encrust your blade,

Wither away your leather bindings and proud hilt.

Humanity has always tried to evict you,

From the womb of the Earth,

Where you stand partly attached,

To the realm where the heavens struck you.

Yet alone he rests now,

Is that why you have stayed?

Waiting for the King,

When the world calls,

And he awakens to answer its plea.