This is going to be a series of essays about snakes. I'm planning on doing a chapter on my own pet snake, one on their biology and another on snakes in mythology. There may be other chapters too, since this is a pet subject of mine (no pun intended) and I find it endlessly fascinating. I aim to inform people about these beautiful creatures and hopefully dispel some of the myths which cause people to react violently towards even the most harmless species.

Since I live in Australia, when mentioning particular species of snake I will concentrate mainly on those found here. There seem to be far more books available about snakes in North America, so if you are looking for information on those you should not have any trouble finding it elsewhere.

Also, please bear in mind that I am only an amateur snake keeper- I have a Recreational Wildlife Licence (for reptiles) but no professional training. All I have learned comes from a little personal experience and reading on the subject. If you are interested in buying a pet snake I recommend contacting a snake keeper's organisation in your area.

I hope this serves as a useful general introduction to my favourite animal.