"…One Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi, four mississ-, ten Mississippi! Ready or not here I come!" A little boy screamed.

"That wasn't ten Mississippi's! You cheater! Now you have to start all over. Ha-ha!" A little girl giggled to herself.

"I don't like this game! Can we play a different one?" the little boy whined.

"No Chris! You promised I'd pick the game this time, so we have to play hide-and-seek." The little girl said stubbornly while crossing her arms.

"Fine Haylee! But this is the last time I let you pick it." Chris sighed turning again to the wall and started to count to ten, while Haylee excitedly went looking for a spot to hide. Unfortunately, she didn't watch where she was going and tripped. She didn't land correctly, so she twisted her ankle.

"O-u!" she screamed out in pain.

Hearing a loud thump and the cry of Haylee, Chris ran to see what happened. When he saw her on the floor holding her ankle, he didn't know what to do but to kneel beside her.

"It hurts Chris!" she cried out.

"It will be okay, I'll take care of you!" Chris said as he hugged her.

"You promise?"

"I promise!"


"I don't know if I could do this." Haylee said as she looked at her new school from the car window.

"Yes, you can!" Chris said with a little of annoyance, because of having to tell her over and over again she could.

"What if they don't like me? What if they think I'm weird?" she said freaking out.

"Hayls, we've been through this before. They will love you!"

"How do you know? How do you know everything will be great?"

"Well, I don't know if every little single thing will be great, but I know I will be there with you. If they don't like you, just know I do. I'll take care of you!"

"You promise?"

"I promise!" Chris said proudly while pulling Haylee into a hug and kissing her forehead.

It is Haylee's first day at Chris's high school. Chris and Haylee didn't go to the same school because when they were thirteen, Haylee had to move, given that her dad had this big promotion he couldn't refuse. They had to move to the valley, San Fernando Valley that is. Haylee dreaded the thought of ever leaving her best friend Chris, but she had no choice. Of course the two kept in touch, they talked everyday and visited each other whenever they could. Her dad said that the day she turned 18 she can go back to Long Beach and live by herself. And certainly that day came, today! Haylee was staying at Chris house until she found her own place. But none of that stuff was bothering her right now, all that she was concerned about was getting use to a new school, making friends, and meeting Chris's friends.

Chris and Haylee started walking to the front doors of Long Beach High. Haylee turned to Chris again feeling doubtful, but before she could open her mouth Chris said,

"You can!"

Haylee smiled at him and she finally opened the door and entered her new school with Chris following behind her.

Haylee isn't what you would call gorgeous, she's simple and cute. She's about 5'5, medium length brown hair, soft skin, and dark beautiful brown eyes. She has a great personality though. When you first meet her, she's a very shy girl but once you get to know her she's all crazy and outgoing! She's the type of girl who would laugh at everything and who would try to make other people laugh. She's also a person you can depend on for anything, for a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen to your problems, anything!

Now Chris was about 6'1, fine built body with a nice six pack, soft dark brown hair, smooth tanned skin, and deep light brown eyes. He is hot! He is what all girls dream of. He has the same personality as Haylee, that's probably why they just click so well. He's quite a jokester. He's also very creative and determined, that's because he's in a band. He's the lead singer and writes everything they do.

Haylee froze at the sight of all the students having conversations. She began to have doubts again. Chris looked at her and smiled.

"Come on!" Chris said pulling Haylee towards a group of people.

They were three guys and one girl. They all stopped there conversation to greet Chris. Haylee stood nervously behind him.

"Hey guys!" Chris said.

After all of them said there "hellos," they all stared at Haylee.

"Oh my bad! Guys this is my bestest friend in the whole wide world, Haylee!" Chris said proudly. "Haylee, this is the band and also my friends."

Haylee smiled. "Hi!" she said shyly.

Chris pointed out to the first guy, "This is Alex," "Derryk," he said pointing to the guy next to him, "Jason and Lexa."

Jason grabbed Haylee's hand, "It's nice to finally meet you!" he said as he was about to kiss her hand, but Chris pushed him lightly.

"Don't even think about it Jay!" Chris said laughing.

"What I do?" Jason asked innocently.

"We heard a lot of stuff about you." Lexa said.

"Good stuff, I hope!" Haylee said feeling more comfortable.

"Don't worry it's all good stuff." Alex said winking at her.

Haylee smiled at Chris.

"Well we got to go guys, have to get our schedules. See you all later." Chris said as he grabbed Haylee's arm.

"It was very nice to meet all of you." Haylee said.

"Yeah, you too." They all said.

While walking to the main office, most of the guys were staring at Haylee and all the girls were mad dogging her.

"Your friends seem nice!" Haylee said ignoring the looks she was receiving.

"Yeah, they're great. Just wait till you get to know them, they're awesome!"

Walking a few steps more, they finally reached the office. The woman sitting behind the desk seemed as though she didn't want to be there.

"Names?" She plainly asked.

"Chris Scott and Haylee James." Chris said.

After a few minutes of waiting, the woman finally handed their schedules. Haylee looked at her schedule.

1. English AP Mr. Franklin A203

2. Calculus Ms. Jones M107

3. Journalism Mr. Carter A210

4. Government AP Mr. Stevens SC110

5. Chemistry H Mrs. Densen S101

6. Gym Ms. Anthony N. Gym

After Haylee read her schedule, she new it was going to be a long hard year. Chris took Haylee schedule and handed his to her. They only had three classes together, English AP, Journalism, and Government.

"Aww, only three classes together! Are you going to be ok without me in the other three classes?"

There's one thing you need to know about Haylee…you guessed it! She has a secret crush on Chris. Ever since they were little, Chris has always been there for her, to be her protector, to guide her, just to be the best friend that he is.

"It will be hard, but I'll manage." She smiled.

"I'm glad you're back!"

"Me too!"

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