The first day of school for Haylee went by so slow; it was practically what she had expected. It was your typical first day for any new student, introductions everywhere, answering a lot of dumb questions, meeting a lot of weird people, and listening to boring first class lectures from teachers. Already she had a lot of homework due to her honors and AP classes. Haylee was just glad the day was all over. She couldn't wait to go home, and take a long nap. She didn't have that much sleep since she had to wake up at four the morning to drive up to Long Beach for her first day at school. Luckily Chris drove them to school this morning. Thinking of Chris, 'where is he?' Haylee thought. She was waiting anxiously for him beside his car. As if he knew what she was thinking, Chris showed up.

"Hey!" he said.

"Hi!" she said.

"Sorry, I'm late. My music teacher wanted to talk to me after class."

"Getting in trouble already?"

"I can't help it if the music teacher doesn't even know the differences between a half note and a dotted half not. I mean come on! A dotted half note has a dot behind it to make it three beats not two beats. Half notes are two beats. Oh my gosh! He just makes me so angry."

'I like how he cares so much about music. He's so passionate.' Haylee thought.

"He just told me not to correct him in front of the class." He continued.

Haylee just stood there smiling at him.

"What?" he asked

"Nothing. I just missed you that's all." She smiled.

"Aww. Tear!" he said as he pretended to tear up.

"No, I'm serious! I missed our talks about goofy stuff like this."

"What are you talking about goofy stuff? Music is goofy?" he asked with a smirk.

"Just open the door already." She sighed out and he started to laugh.

He unlocked her door.

"Maddam." He said as he opened it.

She hit him on the arm playfully.

"Ouch! That really hurt." He said laughing.

"Cry me a freakin' river!" she said smirking at him while getting into the car.

"Oh, a little feisty aren't we?" he said as he closed her door.

She sat there comfortably while he walked over to the driver seat. Haylee thought he walked so slow, she wanted to leave already.

"Dang you turtle, hurry up! I'm freakin' tired." She said as he finally got in the car.

"Why so tired? Be gettin' a little something something?" he asked lifting his eyebrow while he started the car and pulled out of the parking lot.

"Wouldn't you like to know?" she smiled.

"Oh my gosh! Have you?"

"No! You know me, I'm not like that." She hit him again. "Have you?"

"A few times."

"Really?" she asked in shock.

"No! I can't believe you asked me that question."

"You asked me." She said stubbornly.

"That's because I was trying to make conversation."

"You couldn't think of a different topic?"

"No, not really." He said laughing. "So tell me what's new with you?"


"Aww. Come on, there's got to be something juicy."

"What's there to tell?"

"I don't know, what about that boyfriend of yours. What's his name? Nick?"

"It's Nathan."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever! How's he doing?"

"I really wouldn't know since we broke up a week ago." She said sighing.

"Really? Why is that?" he asked with sincerity.

"He didn't like the idea of me moving back here."

"Oh! Not really a long distance relationship kind of guy?

"It's not that."

"Well then what?"

She sighed. "He thinks that if I move back here with you, in the same room, we will get a little too close. You know what I'm saying."

He started to laugh. "Yeah, like that will ever happen." A little too hard now. "Doesn't he know that we're only best friends and nothing else?" he asked still laughing.

"I guess not." She whispered.

She felt bad that he just laughed in her face about it, like it was a joke. That he thought it was too preposterous to ever come true. Even so, that he doesn't think of her like that and never will. She stared out the window deep thinking. The rest of the ride home was quiet. Haylee started to regret coming back here.

'Maybe it was a bad idea.' She thought to herself.

When they arrived at the house, Haylee got out of the car rather quickly. She was too hurt to face him. Chris sensed something was wrong.

"Are you ok?" he followed behind her.

"Yeah, I'm great!" she said not too convincing.

"Are you sure? You were quiet the rest of the way home."

"Yeah, I'm tired that's all." She said looking to the floor.

He didn't buy it, but dropped the subject. He opened the door to the house and let her enter first. She walked up straight to his room and closed the door behind her. He watched her while she did this and he just sighed.

A few hours later, when Haylee was done with all her homework and finished dinner, she went straight to bed. Chris was in the shower, while she slipped into his covers. He had a pretty huge bed so they decided to share since Chris didn't want her to sleep on the floor and she didn't want him either to sleep on the floor. She could smell his scent on the pillows, she held it close to her chest. She sighed in content and quickly fell asleep.

When Chris came out of the shower with just his boxers on, he walked into his room to see Haylee had already fallen asleep hugging one of his pillows. 'How cute!' he smiled to himself. He quietly sneaked into the covers and laid down behind her. He watched her sleep a little bit and then he put one arm around her and brought her closer to his chest to get warm. She squirmed around a bit, not knowing she put her arm on top of his own that was wrapped around her. He smiled to himself.

"Goodnight." He whispered and fell asleep.

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