Why Do I Love You?

Why does it hurt so much when I think of you?

Why does being with you draw a tear?

Why did I wait for you when you left?

Why do I love you so much I want to tear my heart apart?

Why do I hurt so much I want to kill myself?

Why is it that whenever I think of you, tears fall down my face?

Why is it that when you're not here with me, I feel empty inside?

Why do I force myself not to think of you, when you're all that's on my mind?

Why must I hurt so much, knowing that love is just around the corner?

Why do I hurt so much when I love you like hell?

Why do I let these tears flow when I know you're not the one?

Why do I let myself tear apart when I know your not feeling it too?

Why do I allow myself to love, knowing that pain will only reside?

Why is it that I can only think of you?

Why must I love you so deeply that I just want to die?

Why can't I stop loving you despite this pain?

Why do you have this control over me?

Why do I love you?