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Andrea jerked to a stop again at another traffic light and he swore under his breath. "Jesus, when did you get your license; yesterday?"

"No," she responded through grit teeth. Her breathing had regained a relatively normal pace about fifteen minutes ago even though she was still on edge. There was a psychopath with a gun in her car! And that gun was still trained at her! Andrea had no idea what he wanted from her, save for being his driver, and she prayed with every fibre of her being that that was all he wanted from her. Surely if he was after her father's money he would either made the demands by now or at least wouldn't be letting her drive. But she dreaded to wonder if he was some depraved sexual prowler who got kicks from scaring the hell out of her with a gun before having his way with her and maybe even killing her off when he was done. If she even managed to escape this alive, she was sure she'd be traumatised for life following this 'encounter'.

"Its gonna arouse suspicions if you keep driving like a lunatic," he grunted, leaning back in his seat, trying to keep a low profile. Of all the cars in the world, Dean groaned to himself, I had to get into one that belonged to a blonde bimbo who barely looked old enough to know how to drive, much less have a driver's license. So much for his great escape plan if he was going to die in a car accident before even getting the job done.

Accelerating slowly again as the light turned green, Andrea spoke, "Well maybe if you pointed that gun away from my ribs, I might be able to relax enough to drive properly."

He dug the gun into the side of her body a little harder. "Don't get smart with me princess."

Immediately she stiffened up again, only a tiny whimper escaping her glossed lips. Looking over at her properly for the first time since getting into her car, he noticed her slim body was rigid with tension, her knuckles white from holding the steering wheel in a deathly grip. Her blonde hair had been pulled back into a simple ponytail that allowed for wisps of her hair to frame her face. Her clothes were casual but he knew they were all of designer labels. He had to admit that she was very pretty to look at but she couldn't have been older than her late teens. Dean almost felt guilty for getting a kid involved in all this. Almost.

Not that I'm much older, Dean mused to himself. But damn, he certainly felt it. The last couple of years seemed to have zipped by and yet stretched on for an eternity at the same time. His troubles had begun with what had once been a simple problem before it escalated into one mess after another and the vicious cycle was showing no signs of ending. Until now. If everything went well on this job, it could all be over and he might even have a shot at a normal life again.

The thought almost made Dean smile but he was interrupted by the sound of her voice. "Um, where are we going?"

"Just get onto the freeway," Dean instructed, thinking quickly. They'd been driving for about fifteen minutes and thus far, his only command had been for her to drive but he'd never specified his exact destination.

"We're leaving town?" she queried, her voice revealing more of her panicked fear than she'd intended.

"That's more information than you need," he replied snidely.

Yeah right, Andrea retorted mentally, not daring to vocalise her thoughts for fear of being dead within moments of speaking her mind. But she didn't believe the bastard had any idea what he was doing but got the feeling that perhaps he was waiting to hear from his superiors for further instructions or something. He just didn't strike her as being clever enough to have orchestrated this entire ordeal on his own. He was probably just a witless henchman though a deadly one at that. Her lips nearly quirked at the corners when she heard the sounds of a cell phone ring, almost as though her suspicions had just been confirmed. That and the fact that he had removed the gun from her side so as to attend to his call.

Dean pulled the device out from his pocket and flipped it open to answer it. The voice of his boss was unmistakable. "Did you get it?" he demanded simply.

"Yeah, I got it. Where do you want it?" Dean asked, keeping his voice lowered.

"Did you know Florida is really beautiful at this time of the year?" the other man drawled conversationally, confusing Dean.

"No sir, I didn't. What's this got to do with—"

"I love coming here at this time of the year; the sun is shining, the women are semi-naked beauties—" there was a giggle in the background, almost as if to illustrate the fact.

"Hold up," Dean interrupted. "You're in –?"

"Bingo hotshot," His boss interrupted gleefully before Dean could finish. "I'm in Florida. Get your ass here as soon as possible."

"Wait, where—" Dean heard a dial tone, signalling that the other man had hung up on him before Dean could press for further information. "Fuck!" Dean swore. Florida?! He had been in town just last night. How the hell was Dean supposed to get to Florida? He didn't have the money for a flight and didn't trust the bus.

"I take it we're leaving town," Andrea spoke up, her voice laced with apprehension and smugness at the same time. She knew he was merely a henchman but was certainly not keen on traveling to God knows where with him in her car.

"Shut up bitch, I'm trying to think," Dean growled, not hearing what she had just said and pinching the bridge of his straight nose.

"Don't strain yourself," she muttered.

"I heard that, princess. You better watch that mouth of yours or I'll just shoot you right here," he threatened and the gun was back to being pointed at her.

"Well do it then!" Andrea snapped, unable to take it anymore.

Dean was surprised at her outburst but covered it quickly by bringing the barrel of the gun to the soft spot under her jaw. "Don't tempt me sweetheart. I could pop you off right here. Just one shot and that pretty little face of yours would be staining your leather interior."

Andrea had no idea what had spurned her sudden boldness, figuring that it was probably due to the adrenaline coursing through her veins but she was on a roll now. If she was going to die anyways, she was going to be sure that she dragged this bastard down with her. Swerving her car suddenly, she let her car spin out of control.

"Fuck!" Dean screamed, grabbing the steering wheel. "What the fuck is wrong with you? Do you want to die?"

"Anything would seem better than this right about now," Andrea shouted back, trying to wrench the steering wheel in the direction opposite to the one he was pulling it into.

"You're fucking insane! Let go!"


"You're going to kill us both!"

The car continued to swerve left and right, earning them enraged honks from the other drivers on the road. Finally, Dean managed to overpower Andrea due to his sheer strength over her form and pushed her out of the way long enough to direct the car onto the relative safety of the hard shoulder where miraculously, the crazy girl had the sense to brake to a halt and pulled up the handbrake.

Collapsing back into his seat, Dean thanked his lucky stars he was still alive. What on earth had he gotten himself into?

Andrea too seemed to have come to her senses, breathing heavily as she tried to comprehend the situation she was in. After a moment of silence, she was the first to speak. "What the hell do you want from me?"

Dean threw her a weary glance. "As little as possible. I only needed a ride, not a heart attack."

"Couldn't you just have stolen a car?" she responded automatically before thinking about what she had said.

Dean almost smiled at her question. "I wish I had."

"Are you going to kill me?" she asked slowly.

Dean contemplated telling her the truth: that he wasn't a killer nor did he intend to become one, but thought better of it. So far, apart from the streak of insanity she'd just had, she had bent to his will quite satisfactorily in response to his threatening behaviour. The last thing he wanted was for her to run off and alert the police but he wondered how much longer he could keep up his act before she saw through it, despite her dimwittedness. He couldn't simply get rid of her so it looked like he was going to be stuck with her for a little while until he could think of a better way to dispose of her. Damn it all. Still, he'd rather have her afraid of him.

Andrea noticed the lapse in time as he weighed out his options and felt a tiny spark of hope but didn't dare to harness it further. There was no telling what he could do and she really didn't want to test his limits.

"We'll see, princess," Dean said finally, his olive eyes staring firmly into her turquoise ones.

"It's Andrea, you asshole" she stated defiantly.

He smirked. "It's Mike, Andrea."

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