The next morning came too soon for Andrea as she was jolted out of sleep by her assailant tugging at her arm. Sleep had been difficult for her the night before particularly with the discomfort of the awful handcuffs. She couldn't help but feel envious as her bed-mate slept like a log, completely oblivious to Andrea's various attempts in getting comfortable but while keeping as safe a distance away from him as possible. She'd finally drifted off sometime around three and so was in no mood to be woken up only a few hours later.

Dean, on the other hand, found it incredibly easy to get out of bed the next morning and it was not only due to his peaceful slumber. The moment he opened his hazel eyes, the only thought to strike him was his mission to get the stolen necklace to Florida and he didn't want to waste another moment in bed. He sat up abruptly and swung his feet of the bed but found he couldn't get very fair with his hostage attached to his arm.

"Andrea," he called softly as he pulled on her arm. He expected her to grouchy so he stood a good distance away, in case she felt the need to get physically violent.

"Go away," she muttered groggily and tried to pull sheets over her head but Dean had already pulled them off her.

"Let's go princess. We don't have much time," he told her as he grabbed her hand and pulled her out of bed so that he could get to the handbag by the dresser and get the keys to the cuffs. Then unlocking the metal bracelet from his wrist, he told her was going to be in the bathroom. As he expected, she was still inebriated from her sleep and promptly fell back on the bed. Chuckling, Dean went to get himself cleaned up as quickly as he could before waking her up again and ushering her into the bathroom too.

She emerged ten minutes later, still looking sleep deprived and grumpy but Dean took no notice as he chained her to the car while he went to check-out and they were on the road again within minutes.

The first hour passed in silence as Andrea drifted back to sleep in the passenger seat and Dean continued travelling south. Then sometime around nine o'clock, she woke once more though remained quiet in her seat, staring out the window. Dean was quite happy with the lack of communication between them and concentrated on driving when the precious silence was pierced by the shrill sounds of a mobile phone. He was about to reach for the device in his pocket when he realised it wasn't his that was making the noise.

Andrea looked over at him sharply, unsure of what to do but not wanting to make the first move. At that moment, her handbag was sitting neatly between the two of them and she could almost see the phone's vibrations reverberating through her bag. She had thought numerous times of ways to steal her phone away from Dean but the brute had kept a tight hold over her purse ever since he'd taken it to the petrol station shop with him yesterday. It seemed however, that he hadn't thought to turn it off earlier and Andrea was stung by the fact that it hadn't rung till then.

Meanwhile, Dean reached into her Louis Vuitton handbag for the phone and tossed it to his hostage who caught it with surprise. "Answer it."

Utterly confused, Andrea stole a glance at the screen of the phone before groaning, "Oh god, it's my mother."

"Well answer it already," he commanded again, his eyes back on the road.

"Are you serious?" she asked incredulously. Perhaps he really was stupider than she thought, Andrea decided.

"Don't breathe a fucking word about where you are but answer it or she'll get suspicious," he instructed. "Tell her you stayed over at a friend's house and forgot to call last night."

"What shall I say when asked why I forgot?" she questioned, knowing her mother well enough to know she'd demand to know the reason.

"You'll just have to get creative sweetheart."

Andrea wanted to tell him to go screw himself but decided against it, flipping open the phone instead. "Hello? Hi mom."

"Where the hell are you?" the woman on the other end screeched, causing Andrea to wince involuntarily. "This is beyond ridiculous Andrea. Coming home late I can still just about tolerate but not coming home at all? I've been worried sick! Why didn't you call?"

"Sorry mom, I got held up. I stayed over at Carly's place," Andrea replied carefully, stealing a glance at her captor. Dean threw her a warning glare.

"Too busy to even spare a thought for your own mother? When are you coming home?" she demanded to know.

"Um…" Andrea stalled, trying to think of a suitable answer but coming up empty. "I don't know, ma."

"Andrea, I want you home in an hour, you hear me?" her mother said sternly.

"Mom, I can't…. I'm….indisposed," Andrea filled, following another sharp look from Dean. "I'll come home later."

"Indisposed? Doing what, pray tell? Drugs?" her mother accused. "I never liked that Carly girl. She dresses like a hooker."

Andrea felt herself growing irritated, much in the way she usually did during a conversation with her mother and couldn't resist the urge to retort, "No, ma, of course I'm not doing drugs. Actually I'm driving off with some strange man in my car."

Turning sharply and almost causing the car to swerve off the road, Dean cast Andrea a murderous look and gestured at her to hang up the phone immediately. He would have ripped the phone out of her grip to shut it off himself but had to control the urge so as not to aggravate the suspicions Andrea had created. What was she saying?!

"Well, I never," her mother huffed. "You come home this instant!"

"Look mom, I've got to go," Andrea said hastily, only too eager to end the conversation with her mother.

"No. Don't hang up on me—" her mother started but was interrupted.

"Bye mom," Andrea said loudly into the mouthpiece and promptly snapped the phone shut.

"What they hell did you say that for?" Dean yelled. "I told you not to give us away, you bitch!"

"Will you relax," Andrea muttered tiredly as she slumped back in her seat. "It's not as if she'd believe me anyway."

"Well I'm not too keen on taking chances like that," Dean replied through grit teeth. "Give me that." Andrea handed her mobile phone to him which he switched off and stored in his pocket before muttering to himself about how she was going to fuck him over but Andrea wasn't listening. She was too busy staring out of the window, trying to control her fuming.

For a brief moment, Andrea paused to reconsider her present predicament. Perhaps it was the fact that it was still too early in the morning, by her standards, to actually be thinking coherently but she was starting to wonder why she had been resisting her captor as much as she had. True, no sane person in their right mind would be interested in being held at gun point by a raving criminal but when put in perspective, it was probably the most exciting thing to have ever happened in Andrea's boring suburban existence. While her parents doted on Elle and groomed Josh to take over the family fortunes, Andrea had been left to her own devices from a young age, having been led to believe that she wasn't beautiful or clever enough. As a result, Andrea grew up having her every wish catered for and failed to make a real effort for anything in her life. People caught sight of her pretty face and assumed her to be another dumb blonde and she just let them believe it. Her life seemed pretty much planned out: she'd graduate from college with some pointless degree, marry a rich man and continue to live a luxurious life until she died.

While this was something most people could only dream of, Andrea couldn't think of anything more tedious. And now, thanks to the madman behind the wheel of her car, Andrea saw an opportunity that she would probably never ever get again. It was a chance to dramatically change her life.

She was so lost in her thoughts that Dean's next words made her jump slightly, even though he spoke in a quiet tone. "I'm a little surprised that that was the only call you've received since yesterday. I got the impression that your phone would be off the hook with your friends telling you the latest gossip or something."

"Yeah, well," she grumbled, still staring out the window. She hated to admit it but he was right; it had surprised her too. So much for her so-called "friends".

"Don't sound so thrilled. It was only your mother," Dean remarked sarcastically but kept his tone light.

"Fuck off Mike. You know nothing about my mother," Andrea snarled.

"Perhaps but intrinsically, all mothers are the same," Dean said solemnly. "She was probably just worried about where you were."

"I wouldn't use the word 'worried'. She's just going to use this as another reason why I don't deserve my trust fund," Andrea told him, folding her arms.

"Well do you?" he asked mildly.

"Do I what?" She was growing irate.

"Deserve it."

"What the fuck? Of course I do."

"Then why would she—"

"'Cause she has a poker up her ass, okay," Andrea snapped and turned away again.

Dean remained silent for a moment, realising he'd struck a nerve. Still, he was strangely curious and couldn't resist prodding her a little more. "You know, you shouldn't talk about your mom that way."

Andrea replied bitterly. "Look Mike. You don't know my mother alright. Maybe your mother is Mary Sunshine and approves of your less than legal occupation but don't go assuming all moms are the same."

"My mom's dead," he said simply.

"Oh," Andrea stopped short, losing her steam and feeling bad all of a sudden, as though she had just said something incredibly rude and unthoughtful. "Sorry."

"It's okay. I'm over it," he shrugged. "I'm just saying, your mom could die in a car accident tomorrow for all you know, or hell, I might finally kill you but would you really want the relationship to have ended on such a sour note?"

"Yes, well, thank you for your wisdom Dr. Mike. Now if you don't mind, can we drop this?"

"Sure," Dean went back to concentrating on the road, wondering how their conversation had just happened. He had been content not speaking to her and all of a sudden he was sharing his life philosophies with her. As if their situation hadn't been weird enough to begin with.

Unable to help herself, Andrea mulled over his words, wishing she couldn't see the degree of truth to them. They drove in silence for a few more minutes before Andrea broke it. "So did your mom die in a car accident?"

"We're talking again?" Dean couldn't resist himself.

"Just answer the question."

"Yeah," Dean found himself replying. A part of him knew he shouldn't have been giving away personal information about himself but he decided that it wouldn't hurt to answer a few harmless questions.

"Oh. When?" she asked.

"When I was sixteen."

"What happened?"

"Hit and run really. Dad lost control of the car," he stated.

"So they both passed away?"


"Do you have any other family?" Andrea was intrigued.

"What is this, twenty questions?" Dean countered, growing tired of her questioning.

"Just curious," she replied, trying to appear casual though she really wanted to know.

He stole a glance at the girl beside him as he contemplated telling her. He hardly ever talked about his family but for some reason, at that moment, he was telling Andrea more than he had told anyone for a long time. Her pretty turquoise eyes bore no malice, just innocent wonder but he knew better than to be fooled. In the short time he'd known her, she had done a number of things to surprise him, he wasn't about to put anything past her. Still…

"I have a sister," he finally said quietly and decided it was enough. He'd said more than he should have already.

"Where is she now?"

"Look, can we just change the subject," he implored firmly.

"Oh, I get it," she folded her arms. "You can quiz me about my mom but when it gets personal for you, you get secretive."

"Something like that," he muttered vaguely.

"Let me guess; you're doing this all for her, right?" Andrea challenged sourly.

"Fuck off Andrea," he spat, regretting having shared the information with her in the first place. "I'm not talking anymore."

"Fine." With that, she flicked on the radio and turned deliberately to stare out of the window. The situation between them had just taken an awkward turn and they were silent once more though the car was filled with strains of an acoustic guitar riff.

Then, just as she was sure that he had really been ticked off by their conversation, Dean spoke up. "You hungry?"

"We're talking again?" Andrea smirked.

"Just answer the question," he said.

"Just a little," she admitted causing him to crack a smile.

They drove through the morning and finally pulled up at a diner shortly after two in the afternoon when neither could stand the hunger anymore. Dean didn't bother chaining her to him again but for good measure held on to her arm anyway as they entered the nearly empty diner. She was pushed forcefully into a booth and Dean slid in after her just as the plump waitress came to take their orders. "What'll it be?"

"What do you want?" Dean turned to Andrea.

"I'd like to be sitting on the opposite side," Andrea tried but Dean shot her a hard stare. "Fine, whatever. I don't care what you order."

"Can I get two cheeseburgers, with fries, and two glasses of water. And a cup of coffee," he added as an afterthought. The waitress nodded and left.

"What was that for?" he demanded, after the waitress was out of earshot. "Are you trying to get us caught?"

"Yes, that's generally the idea in my plans for escape," Andrea shot back only to be rewarded with Dean grabbing her arm and wrenching it hard. "Fuck! Ouch!" she hissed but dared not raise her voice too loud with her assailant so close to breaking her arm.

"I don't know how else to make you understand this," Dean uttered sinisterly. "But it'll make both our lives easier if you just fucking co-operate and stop being so difficult."

"Okay, okay. Please, just let go of my arm," Andrea pleaded, wincing at the pain shooting through her elbow. Dean eased up on the pressure just as the waitress returned with their drinks and Andrea rubbed the sore spot to ease the discomfort. "Jesus, I'm starting to think you get off on being physically violent to people."

"Only with you sweetheart," Dean replied with a false sugary smile, earning a withering look from his hostage.

"Well that's a pity then, seeing as I was actually thinking about offering you my help," she told him haughtily.

Dean snorted. "I'm not interested Princess. And don't insult my intelligence. Why on earth would you help me if not to turn in me at the next opportunity you got?"

"Just hear me out you idiot," she cut in defiantly. "How long do you think this little road trip is going to take?"

Somewhat surprised by her question, he answered truthfully, "If we're lucky, about five days. Maybe six."

"That's nearly a week," Andrea muttered disdainfully.

"Well, yeah San Francisco and Florida aren't exactly next door to each other." Dean resisted the urge to roll his eyes. Thankfully their waitress returned with their food and set it down in front of them. Without bothering to wait for her, Dean dug in.

"Five days is a long time to go without any basic hygiene," Andrea continued, almost to herself. "And what about money, have you thought about that? Two hundred dollars in cash isn't going to last us very long. I mean a room would set us back by about forty bucks a night. And food, three meals a day for the both of us would come up to fifty easily. Not to mention gas money. My car guzzles fuel like there's no tomorrow."

By now, Dean had turned bodily to face the girl beside him, trying hard to conceal his amazement and shock as he took in her words. While he had briefly wondered about their finances himself, he was pretty impressed that she too had worked out a lot of it. Perhaps the girl wasn't nearly as dim as she appeared. Not that the notion put him at ease any.

"So what would you suggest?" he croaked out.

Dipping one of her fries into a small puddle of ketchup, she continued nonchalantly. "I was thinking that since we're not too far away from home, it would still be safe enough to use my credit card today. And I'd like to pick up some toiletries and clothes—"

"We don't have time for a fucking shopping trip sweetheart!"

"I'm just getting essentials," Andrea argued. "Anyways, then I'll make a cash withdrawal and hopefully it'll be enough to cover us till we get to Florida."

"I don't like it," Dean said dismissively. "I don't want you using your credit card."

"Then how are you expecting to pay for things?" Andrea challenged.

"We'll get by with what we've got. Why are you helping me?" Dean wondered aloud, somewhat perplexed.

His question was met with silence as Andrea chewed on her fry thoughtfully. Finally, she said, "Fine. I won't then."

"No, that's not what I meant," he clarified hastily. "I'm just curious. I've hijacked your car and forced you to drive me to Florida. And you're helping me?"

"If I were you I wouldn't question it when something good happens to you," she huffed, folding her arms across her chest.

"How much are you thinking of withdrawing?" he asked instead.

"About three hundred dollars? I don't think it'll be enough though."

Dean's eyes went wide. "Won't your bank notice?"

"Nah, it's fairly usual activity for my account but any more than that and it would draw attention to things since I usually charge purchases straight to the card. I don't like carrying cash around," Andrea shrugged and Dean swallowed hard. He wasn't used to being so blasé with money and her attitude made him a little uncomfortable. A part of him was telling him to stop being a fool and just take her money but the other part was still suspicious of her motive. From the moment he'd kidnapped her, she had not stopped trying to escape but now, as though someone had flipped a switch, she was suddenly helping him. He shuddered to wonder what she'd be expecting in return for her favours.

Still, he had slightly more pressing worries than Andrea's generosity at that moment. He had a lot ridding on the delivery of the necklace he'd stolen and the sooner he'd handed it over, the sooner he could get his life back in order. He'd been sidestepping the law long enough and it was getting harder and harder to stay ahead of the game. He wanted out. And if she was willing to help him, he would be an idiot to refuse.

He cast the girl beside him a long glance but she didn't notice. She was too busy helping herself to his coffee and emptying two sachets of sugar into it. He almost grinned at the sight of her. Her hair was pulled back in a messy ponytail and smudges of her make-up from the day before were still visible under her eyes but she didn't look the least bit bothered by it. He'd imagined her to be someone who was very particular about the way she looked and she certainly wasn't looking her best at the moment but for some reason, Dean found it almost endearing. "Okay," he said finally and pushed aside the last of his doubts.

"Hmm?" she looked up at him.

"I said okay," he repeated. "Let's do this."

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