Midnight Raevyn


Midnight sat in the dark a cigarette held tightly in his lips, he idly played with the lighter in his palm opening and shutting it's golden clasp. His eyes wandered skyward, unsurprisingly, it was as dark as the street before him. He turned his eyes down and flicked the lighter in his hand. The red flame shot up bringing the only light in the area, he pulled the lighter to his cigarette and lit it. He breathed deep allowing the smoke to escape through his nostrils. Lounging on the stairs of an abandoned store front he smoked his cigarette in peace. Drifting off Midnight hummed a song, he didn't know the words but somehow he remembered the melody. He shut his eyes and flicked the cigarette as far from him self as he could manage. He didn't need the light, besides he didn't even like it.

Midnight's eyes snapped open the sound of footsteps close by, growling he stood from the stairs where he had been previously lying and put a hand to the holster on his left side. Carefully he fingered the gun slowly making his way to the trigger. Midnight didn't bother to pull the gun out of his holster, he may be slightly paranoid, but to greet someone with a gun was stupid. The shuffling footsteps ceased as a loud thud broke the silent night. A boy stepped forward, the flashlight he held in his hands was pointed down toward the still body before him. Midnight looked down, eyebrow raised, it was a peace officer, his head was smashed in, the blood slowly draining onto the cracked sidewalk. Midnight looked up and smirked at the boy before him.

"Hey Sly"

Sly smiled brightly, his gray eyes twinkling with mischief, he pulled his reddish orange bangs from eyes and laced his fingers with Midnight's.

"So how have you been holding up." Sly pulled back and wrapped his arms around the back of his head.

Midnight didn't bother to respond. He pulled himself off of the stairs and walked pass Sly. He side stepped the officer's body and continued forward with out looking back.

Sly shook his head, "Son of a bitch"

He ran after Midnight silently wondering why he was even bothering.

By the time Sly caught up with Midnight he was out of breath, "Bloody hell you move fast."

Midnight snorted and turned towards the empty alleyway that loomed before him, carefully he stepped forward counting his steps, on the twelfth step he stopped and turned to the dilapidated wall before him, he tapped six times.

Sly snorted, "What is this, some stupid wanna be spy movie."

Midnight didn't answer, the brick panel before them lurched forward revealing a staircase

"I guess I spoke to soon." Sly chuckled nervously

Midnight rolled his eyes and started down the ebony steps.

"Raen it's me."

A voice from the darkness spoke, "Oh Raevyn, I knew you would stop by soon."

Sly shook his head causing his shoulder length hair to fly every where, "Raevyn? Why does she call you that, is there something you are not telling me?"

As usual Sly received no response.

Midnight rolled his eyes, "Look Raen cut the crap, what is with all the sudden appearances of the Peace Officers."

Raen smiled fangs appearing , "Why would I know anything about your law enforcement problem."

Sly decided to butt in, "Yeah Midnight, I mean from the looks of things she doesn't seem to get out much."

Midnight sighed, "Looks can be deceiving, vampires are capable of knowing anything without ever moving an inch."

Sly's dark skin paled, "Vampire, but that is impossible."

Raen smiled in amusement exposing her fangs , "Don't be silly of course we're real, just because we keep a low profile doesn't mean we don't exist."

Usually Midnight would be amused, but at the moment he was kind of cranky about being woken up in the middle of his nap, "Look as much as I enjoy Sly's torment I need to know, are you gonna give me the information."

Raen feigned boredom, "What will I get out of this."

Sly seemed to regain some of his cockiness, "You are not about to make a deal with a vampire."

"Look it's not like this is the first time I've done this."

Sly was shocked his dark skin reddening, "You have done this before!"

Midnight exposed his bare neck, "Is this what you want."

Raen licked her lips, Sly squeaked.

"Normally that would be enough, but what you're asking me goes deeper than you could ever imagine. I will be requiring much more than a simple snack." Raen gave a devilish smile.

"Let me guess, is it what you usually ask for," Midnight asked incredulously

Raen only smiled.

"There has to be something else that you want" Midnight sounded desperate.

Raen twirled a lock of her onyx hair, her pink eyes brightening, "I want, perpetual darkness."

Sly butted in, "And how are we suppose to do that."

Midnight turned to Sly, "First of all there is no we, second of all this could be possible, and a whole lot better than my other option."

Raen mock pouted, "Really you dislike me that much."

Sly did not understand that comment at all, did it have something to do with Midnight's other option?

Midnight addressed Raen, "This is a big favor to ask for, if I do this for you I expect more than information."

Raen liked her lips, "Anytime you want, I'll be here."

Sly peeped, so that was what she meant by Midnight's other option.

Midnight rolled his eyes, "You know what I mean Raen."

She frowned, "Fine, what do you have in mind?"

Midnight thought for a moment, "Access to all underground tunnels in the city, and support, incase I run into any problems."

Sly stood aghast, "The tunnels that's where everybody says the vampires are, and if she is real then so must a jillion other vampires."

They both ignored Sly, Raen thought for a moment, "Done"

Sly was not comfortable with this agreement, " So let me get this straight Midnight here helps you get perpetual darkness, and all he gets is some information and access to tunnels where there are things that would eat him for breakfast."

Midnight sighed, Sly was such a drama queen, "Look, Sly I can take care of myself, besides I know how to kill a vampire."

Midnight tapped his gun on the right side, it was smaller than the one on his left side.

Sly snorted, "Like you have enough bullets in that teeny gun of yours, to clear out all the tunnels"

Raen interrupted, "I can promise you protection in some tunnels but not all of them."

"Oh and that is so reassuring." Sly droned

Midnight seemed happy, " Then where all clear."

"Hello, is anybody listening to me.

Midnight oddly enough responded, " No"

AN/ Ha, it may not seem like it, but this chapter, is clear. I have corrected a good number of mistakes, and fixed up the dialogue. Unfortunately, you wont be able to tell.