Good day to you, stranger. My name is John Specter and I shall be enlightening you as to the current condition of the world.

The present year is 2047 A.D., and quite recently there has been a tremendous scientific discovery. A new type of energy has been created, pollution free, nearly perpetual, and almost without cost. Obviously this is a great boon for all mankind. However, as with any power sources, there are those who would use this energy for evil.

A communistic leader in the Middle East has announced the invention of a new weapon, and has stated that it is unstoppable. Secure in his claims he has even gone so far as to offer tours through the inner mechanisms, and all who have seen the workings confirm his declaration.

The weapon is invincible. Or should I say, the weapon will be invincible. A simple explanation is to say that it is an unfinished, self-building robot. A not so simple explanation is to say that it is a robot made from an unknown, indestructible material, and is currently in the process of being built by it's own internal system of nanobots, which run off of a generator that produces the newly discovered energy.

The fore-mentioned communist leader has stated that the robot's finishing date will be somewhere in the year 3047, an entire millennium after it's start, and has for that reason developed a way to place his body in stasis. So he sleeps, never aging and ever unchanging, until his machine completes itself, and he comes forth to conquer the world.

Every existing world power has tried to destroy either the machine or the madman, but nothing has worked. Both the weapon and its master's stasis device are made from a material that has resisted almost all attempts at destruction, and the few instruments capable of causing some damage were almost instantly assimilated into the robot's design by the nanobots as they ceaselessly continue their work.

So the world powers have altered their plans. All methods of stopping the robot's creation have been abandoned, and, because the weapon's mechanisms and material are advanced beyond any others that exist, all mechanical defenses against its future completion have been abandoned as well. The final hope of humanity lies in the realm of biological technology, and prayer.

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