-Chapter Nineteen-
Invincible… Or not.

"Bob, Invincible was destroyed already, remember?"

"Geye told us that Invincible was destroyed, but that thing you're facing is, in fact, Invincible! Or…" Bob's brow scrunched together in concentration. "Or at least it's a PART of Invincible. I was one of the people who went on a tour of Invincible when Cyed first gave the claim that it was… well… invincible! But I seem to remember..."


"The man who planned to use it to take over the world, who you were going to stop. Ring a bell? Anyways, that thing you're facing is the exact image of the thing that I saw! Either Invincible wasn't actually destroyed, or it was rebuilt, or there are still functioning pieces of it remaining after the bulk was destroyed. Whatever it is, did you actually figure out a way to beat it?"


If Invincible, or parts of Invincible still exist, then I'm not obsolete. I still have a purpose!

John closed his eyes and began drawing on the energy he had acquired. Clutching the 'Toxic Sludge' card in his hand, he began to twist the energy around, hoping to find something that would work.

This aught to do the trick.

With a sudden jolt, the energy transformed completely. Different from any form previously used, it was as warm as the card making energy was cold, and almost intoxicatingly pleasant. John opened his eyes.

"Bob, is there any way you could check my body for something- unusual?"

"I could use the T-watch to run a bioscan, why?"

"Something's wrong with my head."

John leapt lightly from the building where he had been standing, through the hole in the wall, and landed on the ground. Throwing the 'Toxic Sludge' card up into the air, he prepared himself to release the new type of energy.

"Let's hope this works."

There was a blinding flash, and then a beam of light like no other shot out of John's hand. As the card-creating beam had been the absence of light, so this beam was, in essence, the presence. Every color of the rainbow and some beside ejected themselves from John's palm, through the card as it fell, then on toward the robot that had only just finished pulverizing the building it had been working on. The card had vanished completely.

John's beam of rainbow energy began to spin as it neared its target, the colors blurring together until they were all the same glowing green as the Toxarin's slime, and, oddly enough, the same texture as well. With an acidic hiss the newly rematerialized 'Toxic Sludge' hit, and coated, Invincible.

The mechanized menace began thrashing about, doing its best to throw off the substance that was now bubbling eerily, and melting away at anything it touched. It was only a few moments until the giant was no longer green, and not now or ever jolly. Almost all of the slime was now thrown off onto the ground where it hissed for another few moments, then disappeared; it had accomplished the task John had meant it for, though. With a smile, he summoned and launched another fireball at the now skinless Invincible.

The fireball hit the previously damaged arm with a satisfactory explosion and shockwave. Unlike the first time where it had done nothing but stained the skin, however, this time it severed the connections between the joints and the control unit, effectively eliminating any use that the arm might've yet had. Invincible looked down at its now useless limb with its one remaining eye, almost seeming to be in shock, if it were even possible.

"John, I think you've done it!"

Bob's remark went without note as John stared at the now vulnerable machine, and began to laugh. With a short burst of extreme speed, John leapt at and passed one of the legs of Invincible, carving apart several wires and mechanisms with his blade as he went. Turning to pass and strike again, he suddenly found the still working arm of the machine moving directly into his path with great speed.

Oh crap.

Invincible had apparently finished inspecting its dysfunctional arm, and decided to continue fighting. John, after picking himself up from the rubble that he had been launched into and healing himself, decided that the robot, although now vulnerable to attack and bereft of one limb, was still able to inflict harm.


Thrusting upwards and back with his wings, John once more landed on top of a building and prepared himself for attack. With a spray of sparks and greenish sludge from the leg John had slashed at, Invincible began to charge again.

"You know, that's really getting annoying!"

Invincible ignored the exclamation and continued to charge, until John had another idea. After launching a sky-blue javelin of energy at, and through, the leg that had been damaged, John watched smugly as the leg froze in mid-step, then shattered right above the 'foot' when it hit the ground. Although still standing on the metallic stump that remained, the robot no longer had the ability to charge.

With another burst of speed John blasted up the Invincible's leg, then body, onto its head, using its own mechanisms and supports as footholds. With a savage slash, and a substantial explosion, he eliminated the robot's remaining eye. Invincible swung its still working arm at John, who dodged the blow with ease; it succeeded only in smashing off the rest of its own head.

In a shower of sparks John landed lightly on the ground, then watched as Invincible slumped, then fell over into a nearby building where it lay, twitching and thrashing about. Pulling up the energy he had used when reviving Geye, but to greater extent, John released a spray of lightning into the mechanical corpse.

With a blinding flash of pure white light, and a shockwave that shook the ground beneath John's feet, Invincible was no more.

"John… you did it!"

With an odd smile on his face, and a dazed tone of voice, John whispered, "Yeah… yeah I think I did! Let's go get Rachel now."

Why do I feel so dizzy?

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