I'm not a thief. Only I know that. Bells probably don't believe me, and father is put to shame that his eldest daughter is locked away.

The King's men watch me. I am locked in the a small prison by the Inn, and tomorrow I will be sent to the King's castle, where I shall hang most likely.

I collapse onto the dirt floor and weep. I don't care that I'm mussing my hair, or my gown. Who shall care? Not him. No he wouldn't. He was probably laughing at the fact he has put me behind these bars for his own crime.

I sigh and kick the stones that make up the wall. Why should I be here? I had done nothing wrong? Maybe it's the jealousy I had for Bells. Yes, it was jealousy if anything, that made my heart impure.

"I'm here on account of her." I looked up to see a hooded figure speaking with the guard. He has a finger pointing at me, and I put a hand over my heart. God forgive me, I am not a thief.

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